Ghost posts

A confession: I’ve actually been away the majority of the weekend. Yesterday I was enjoying my planned-for-me party and today I’m either already in or en route to San Jose at this very moment for my friend’s bridal shower. I’ve just scheduled these to all go up all weekend. I assume they have been ghost-posting exactly as I have programmed them to do. Maybe we are all ghost posts from that infamous Watchwinder who’s walked away. That’s something to think about.

Another thing to think about–why is it that little kid ghosts are the scariest? Wouldn’t you assume a grown ghost had more dangerous intentions? What is it about the specter of a child that makes their ghost so much more flesh-crawling than the frustrated dreams and desires of a full-blown dead adult? I’m not going to settle on the usual cut-off-in-their-prime, reminder-of-the-vagaries-of-life urban mythology. There is more I think to it.

I think that this picture by Dominic Rouse is 100% inspired by Watcher in the Woods. I refuse to accept otherwise.

” To see the light we must first acknowledge that we are in the dark.” –Dominic Rouse

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