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Unlikely G: Tilda Swinton

September 8, 2009

I said goddamn, if Tilda Swinton is not rolling hard as all fly heck in this picture. Bitches better recognize; haters to the left!

It happens: Closed captioning edition

September 8, 2009

It happens, okay?

Daily Batman: Mime-hating Bruce Wayne edition

September 8, 2009

Look at his expression of disgust. Dude hates him some mimes.

Asked and answered

September 8, 2009

In regard to the ghost post of yester-eve wondering where the night would find me, I have an answer that will probably surprise no one.

I was, indeedy, at the pub. The boys were MIA so I nearly bailed, but instead I mustered my will to be brave and try new things and teamed up with just Jonohs for the last night of Monday night trivia until football season ends (switchin’ to Tuesdays now). We did not win either round of the trivia, although I kept one eye on the Yankees game and their significant victory cushioned the blow.

Mr. Kite and the Trio won by an impressive margin and Panda Eraser shocked all with a late-in-the-game cameo and joinage. She was unfortunately at the tail end of a very unmerry unbirthday (a day of no particular importance at all, nothing to see here so move along and also she was not born on that date so why are we even talking about this still, because it was not at all her birthday, jesus let it go), so I’m glad I was able to be there to buy her a drink. We also toasted this being her first day of cosmetology school, which has put Grease’s “Beauty School Dropout” in my head for the week I am sure. So, again, it worked out well that we went.

Plus, had I lost my nerve and not gone, I would have missed Ronald’s wonderful left-field accent, which would have been a tragedy beyond the telling. It was somewhere between Hannibal Lecter and the guy from Wayne’s World 2 who had the brown m&m story. Truly unmissable. Finally, when Panda Eraser came back from the ladies’ room she said, “Someone wrote ‘BEWARE OF LIMBO DANCERS’ at the bottom of the door to the stall!” Guess who?

All in all, an unexpectedly excellent time. My compliments and thanks to all involved.

Per mi amico: Cappy edition

September 8, 2009

“I believe that we have a natural instinct which is very strong. Just we don’t know ourselves enough. And I think that if we get into it and we try to understand all we have inside, we can find all the power we have.” –Monica Bellucci