Believe the Impossible

The Gentleman just linked me to this. The Butterfly Nebula as imaged by the repaired Hubble, brief article.

“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.” –Ray Bradbury

Believe it. We are extraordinary. How can I focus on my tiny, insignificant problems and feel beat down when I am moving through this beautiful, miraculous universe? I will try to stop staring at the ground and scuffing my feet when I could be gazing at the stars. Thanks for the perspective, Christo!

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2 Responses to “Believe the Impossible”

  1. milo Says:

    holy crap muffins that is cool….does not even look real, like some Roddenberry creation…i love it!!!

  2. E. Says:

    Crazy, right? So much for feeling like my problems were big. THAT is big.

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