All right, my dear departed, that has been an awful lot of you-ness. I am starting to get snippy toward your weight in the alt text for the photos and I’d hate to muck up this nice little apology thing I’ve had going, so I think I am going to deem that my karmic debt has been paid. Let us merrily part ways. I’m sure I’ll see you around these parts again soon, but I am not ready to get heavily in to you and my feelings all the way just yet. See you on the other side of the rainbow.

Thus ends Audrey Hepburn Half-Day!

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3 Responses to “Even-steven?”

  1. Steven Harris Says:

    I wrote as poem that was a challenge to clash certain unexpected things. So I chose the planet Mars and Audrey Hepburn (as you would). It makes little sense but she’s in there:

    Planet Spinning

    The Mars red face has fallen, scratching,
    peers through dust and catches briefest sight;
    a distant vision frozen ageless on a white skin
    Never throw out anyone, she echoes and winds
    back the moment, funny face and tiny
    frozen frame reveal no lines at
    We hurt in different places, lost emotion spewing
    out of waning suns, a love-struck planet spinning
    wild and barely

    • E. Says:

      I love how you worked in quotes from her and movie titles … that is a neat project and a very well-done poem. It’s especially good because so often when one is given a prompt, the writing which results can be stiff or formulaic — this is actually really great. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Steven Harris Says:

    Thank you. I’m enjoying trying to work within a structure in terms of poetry, recently, but like you say, prompts don’t always work. Structure is intriguing and open, though, as it can mean simply deciding to put the word ‘banana’ somewhere in every stanza of a poem, rather than strict rhyme or metre or the other ‘rules’.

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