State of the state, or what condition my condition is in

  • Kidlet asleep on a rug, giggling and moving legs in her sleep. Difficult not to draw comparisons to a puppy.
  • Special K just called to cancel cause she missed school again, sounded legit sick. Sounded really awful. I’m a POS for thinking she needed a Truancy Talk. Gal is sick-ers and that’s that. Hoping to take her to either Osaka or Soosh Gardino for dinner tomorrow night to assuage inner guilt.
  • Pops not due home for hour, dinner already pre-made and mug for him in freezer.
  • Looks like I got this shit unexpectedly all nailed down.

    What’s a kitteh-lady to do? Why, would you look at that, in the corner of the garage is a twelver of Corona… calling my name… (Eliiiiiiizzzzzabeeeeth….)

    I hear you, guys, and don’t fret — I’m on the case!

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