Unlikely G: Ray Stantz edition

It’s our secret but circa-80’s Dan Akroyd and I would totally bang if it wouldn’t complicate my pre-existing relationship with circa-80’s Bill Murray. Love you, buddy.

Raymond Stantz is lookin’ g as hayull and why not? Man just saved New York City from Gozer, in the guise of a marshmallow in a sailor suit.

WINSTON: Ray! When someone asks you if you are a god, you say ‘yes!’ — Ghostbusters

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2 Responses to “Unlikely G: Ray Stantz edition”

  1. Heather Says:

    Love that line. 🙂 Also, one of the few movies where I think the sequel is pretty darn good.

    • E. Says:

      Totally good! The best part is that if you were to verbally describe major plot points of either film, you realize how potentially lame and silly it could have been, but in the hands of comic geniuses, the movies came out comedy masterpieces.

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