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Giving the people what they want: Inaugural edition feat. boob-gropin’ Megan Mullally

September 21, 2009

There has been nary even ONE SINGLE search for “Maggie Gyllenhaal” and “bdsm” on this blog (which I expected to see and find the lack frankly disappointing), but “boobs” and “Megan Mullally” tip the scales dramatically, even coming in ahead of “Asia Argento,” “gay batman,” and “Drew Barrymore.” So, heck, here you go, awesome internet party people: a little bit o’ Miss Megan Mullally lezzin’ out with Debra Messing a couple years back at an awards show:

And a quickie of just some topless Megs, cause she’s my fave from the sitcom Will and Grace, which I pretty much never watched so I guess it is pointless to say I have a favorite, but I will say whatever she did on that television thing, she is onstage a damned fine singer to boot.

Enjoy! Eskimo kisses to you all!

Per mi amico: Jonohs edition

September 21, 2009

Rooney: What’s the score?
Pizza Joint Owner: Nothin’, nothin’.
Rooney: Who’s winning?
Pizza Joint Owner: The Bears.
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

(this is the 100th post. balloons and confetti just fell on all of us!)

Unlikely G: Super-straight not-gay Anderson Cooper edition

September 21, 2009

I realized it’s been a couple days since I remembered to do an unlikely g, so I thought I’d remedy that with ultra-g action. Super-straight Anderson Cooper and friendohs are all looking very, very g here.

You guys, Anderson Cooper is straight as all-git-out; I fail to see where these rumors of his gayness persist. What is gay about Amanda Lepore and the front man for the Scissor Sisters? Everyone here and everything about this picture is not at all something that would give certain less integritous movers and shakers in the political world of news exactly the ammunition on a decent, honest, not-grandstanding journalist for which they salivate. (Seriously, buddy, I forgive you cause I get it, but come on…the glass closet will never go away if rad guys like you let the pressure keep you in and don’t break it down)

“I’m not much for giving advice. That’s Bill O’Reilly’s job and he’s very good at it.” –Anderson Cooper, that sly silver fox!

It happens: “Sometimes” inaugural edition feat. Miss Drew Barrymore in a robe

September 21, 2009

It happens: Sometimes, you need a couple of fags to cheer you up.

Daily Batman: Screw you, Batgirl, because you can’t even read.

September 21, 2009

Are you seeing this sassy molassy?

Uh, how about, screw you, Batgirl, because you can’t even read!

Actually this Batgirl can read, since it is old school, but the one before the present one (does anyone else kind of hate current Batgirl Stephanie Brown?) was straight up illiterate, and it always reminded me of that old SNL sketch with Charlton Heston about the president being illiterate, which makes me think of when ancient friendoh the Cappy and I were watching American President in high school because we had a teacher who did movies instead of, like, having an actual curriculum (once I walked out of her classroom and started playing tennis with my friend, and she didn’t even say anything to me), and we were doing “The president … is illiterate!” jokes the whole time.

Long story short, can you believe this saucy-sauce? Screw you, Batgirl! Catwoman will get you. And your little dog, too.

Advice from a patron saint

September 21, 2009

Aside from the actual Christ, Kurt is my second personal Jesus.

“You know, a person can say a lot of stupid things when they’re going through stressful times in their life. I don’t regret the majority of things I was trying to convey, but they didn’t really translate right.” –Kurt Cobain

You can go track down the article this quote came from at Rolling Stone or whatever, but remember that Kurt made a shirt to wear to an interview with them once that said, “Corporate magazines still suck.” Actually, this might’ve been from Melody Maker so that would make my slander inoperative, but I am too lazy to google it.

Point is, the right words can be tough to come by. I am in a Place with some Things and have been on break, just trying to hold on to rocks, and I have found a few, and they know who they are, so thank you to everyone I spent time with this weekend and who on the larger scale has been in touch with me lately. I’m sorry that my lame attempts at expressing my gratitude are probably not accurately translating. I don’t have better words to articulate how spirit-renewing you are and how much it means to me to have good people in my life. Thank you.

A confession: drunken notes on eggs (NSFW)

September 21, 2009

A confession: I often talk to myself and make little notes if I’ve been drinking and am now winding down the night alone. Sometimes I do this with pen and paper, which is always fun, as in the morning I woke up and I had on my nightstand next to me a note on the back of a receipt, which said merely two words: “METRIC HOUR.”

Not my most genius moment, I suspect.

Anyway, I found the following file saved on my computer last night. I had apparently written it Saturday night, when I had done some soul-cleansing and rebaptized myself in the name of Pacifico (for which I paid dearly through the first half of Sunday). I guess I must have been thinking about eggs. I cleaned up the typos, and here is what I think of eggs when I’ve been drinking:

egg–>head with your brain inside–>this recurrent shape and system of structure constistently holds true even at atomic level–>seen not just in biology but also in manmade objects like a lightbulb and its filament–>evolution favors certain shapes which recur all throughout nature and even in our infantile attempts to create artifacts in our lives which we call technology we still mimic these consistent symbols all around us of our own creation (?) and evolution, these insistent reminders of the favored shapes and paradigms

qualities of eggshellness cross applied

the protectiveness of it, the containment, like being a baby in a stomach, weird.
but so illusory
only purpose is to keep safe the object within
the way you can stick your thumb through one
the way they are so fragile, it is the only word, fragile

not sure i can eat them anymore

is it a paradigm, is there a better way? like if cars had not come from the paradigm of horse and buggy, we’d have better designed where the engine is commonly found and solved the bug of rear end collision/fire so that with this one concern addressed there would be propulsion and auto travel would be more rapid and efficient? we still say horsepower because of the power of this paradigm, it grips us so anciently, Jungian and atavistic and engrammed

remember the manicurist and the dentist, the quadripedal machines which predated the chiefly handheld (besides cars which also date from this older and first era of design where people walked and ran and kicked more) tech devices which dominate the present landscape, sewing machines are of course another example!!! need to think about this.

The sad part is I actually know what most of that meant. In fact, that last paragraph is something I’ve been kicking around awhile and will eventually write about. I hope you’re thrilled to be in on the ground level of this.

Oh, and just in case you were thinking that my opinions are all well and good but there’s nothing about breasts or anything particularly cute and oldtimey in this entry, why is that?, here:

Need: met!