Asked and answered, but more questions are raised

Yes, I was at the pub! No, we did not win at trivia. Mr. Kite and friends won the first round, and I’m not sure what strangers won the second, although I got a nice video of Ronald giving us his patented glowery, sardonic Death Stare during the questions, which I will try to get around to uploading eventually. I let the Gentleman talk me in to the artichoke jalapeno dip, by which I used to swear, but I’m old now and my stomach is not the efficient and merciless iron machine that it once was. It’s angry at me today.

“Yeah, I was feeling pretty crappy today, too.” –thus spake the Gentleman, purveyor of artichoke jalapeno dip and stomach acid trips

The evening ultimately raised more questions than it answered, as there was the following new item on the menu:

This lead to broad and snickering speculation as to precisely what the what a “Tahoe Snoopy” is: it sounds like some kind of voyeuristic sex act. If anyone has an explanation for this, I’d love to hear it. Because that is simply not a term in widespread enough use to get thrown on a menu and not explained.

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2 Responses to “Asked and answered, but more questions are raised”

  1. milo Says:

    OK i have a theory

    you have heard of Tahoe Joe’s (the restaurant) and we all know that Joe Cool is just snoopy with sun glasses! well the pub wanted a salad much like appears on the menu at Tahoe Joe’s but they wanted it to be cool with the addition of avocado and a light vinaigrette… but when they named the salad “Tahoe Joe’s cool salad”, they saw that they were opening themselves up for a copyright infringement lawsuit. so after much deliberation, they settled on the Tahoe Snoopy Salad.. and the rest was gastronomic history!

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