A Fine Balance

I can’t believe how soon Paolo and Miss D’s wedding is, for them to have all this other stuff they’re dealing with on top of that stress, it is driving me nuts and I am not even them: I wonder how the fuck we all get through all our weeks, you know? Like, is it just me or does the time move faster and faster and the world spin more madly on its axis than it used to?

Just got a facebook msg from Sarah-fina putting out feelers to hang out this weekend. I’ve been feeling stuffy-nosed and am worried about getting her sick, what with her carrying the mini-me and all, but I do want to be able to see her, since I have seen her MOTHER more recently than I have her! But I bring this up because I also wanted to see Miss D and Paolo and just reassure myself they are doing all right, and suddenly the weekend is getting filled up…

A year ago I was all by myself but for the kidlet and HRH, with occasional, sun bursting through the clouds visits from my magnificent Christer-in-law, day in and day out. I could go a week without venturing further than the front porch. I was so insulated, and frequently fearful as well. I was well on my way to being a full-fledged agoraphobic shut-in. That is a crazy life to think about now. It feels like it happened to someone else.

I think I am walking a pretty good balance between my tendencies toward shuttering myself away and spreading myself too thin, these days. I think.

edit: Miss D on phone. Very upsetting news. Nothing is okay.

edit 2: Now the Cappy has large folklore being dropped on him, too. Um, if the universe could stop dumping on people I love, that would be great.

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