Just another Monocle Monday

It’s Monocle Monday, because why not? Monocles: they are a Thing.

Robert Downey, Jr., check out his debut studio album.

Jeremy Irons has opinions about the Seven Deadly Sins.

Conrad Veidt was once Cesare — he came, he saw, he conquered Expressionist film.

Of course, it is not always so black and white in this world…

Madwoman and fashionista to the stars, Pat Field is often not much my style, but I must always commend distinctiveness.

Happy Monocle Monday!

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5 Responses to “Just another Monocle Monday”

  1. blissbait Says:

    the madwoman rocks
    head surrealy all aflame
    and she sees your soul!

    Thanks for the great pics and the smile.

    Cheers All!

  2. E. Says:

    Thanks for the haiku!

  3. Steven Harris Says:

    Robert Downey Jr looks good in anything! Damn him. 😀

    • E. Says:

      Doesn’t he, just? I even have a picture of him when he was ten and he is rocking a peacoat already. Is it the drugs, do you suppose? They are very cool, I hear.

  4. Steven Harris Says:

    Drugs and cool in the same sentence? You must be Robert’s long lost sister. Or Winona Ryder.

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