Daily Batman: Aim at Heaven and you will get Eartha thrown in

“Aim at Heaven and you will get Earth thrown in.” — C.S. Lewis

Yesterday a reader asked for some Eartha Kitt as Catwoman. I am so vehemently pro my Jul-Newms that it was tough for me to transition straight in to that so here is my sidewise segue, friendoh, and thanks for reading!

Debra Wilson on MadTV as neighbor from hell Catwoman.: “One million dollars.” “What?!” “One million dollars to get your rrrrrake back.” “I could just buy another one for fifteen bucks.” “Nevertheless!”

When I first saw this like 15 years ago, I almost died laughing. It’s less bearable as an adult. I am so sorry for slighting MadTV’s writers, who I’m sure are gifted folks, but … um… this show was just never good enough. Just never even at all good enough.

With which mean and unnecessary judgment I will now slink off to run some afternoonish errands. The end!

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