Breaking news: don’t lose your cool

This just in: it is important to be cool and not lose it.

Got a whole lot of business to take care of today, followed by several all-girl celebrations of major life-changing events to attend, first for Sarah-fina and then divine Miss D. Won’t be posting much, most likely. Even if I’m home I’ll probably just be sitting here ghosting and flipping through music and pictures. I have to have alone time, I have to hide in my cave before seeing a lot of people like this in such a high pressure situation, even one of happiness. A lot of the time, I get flustered and awkward about a day like today, but I had some strangely sunny spots in this week and I’m actually feeling pretty good.

The main thing is not to lose my cool. Or, as I once told my dear old friendoh Mr. Richard “dik” Whitten when we were expressing concern about our very inebriated decision to take a trip to the movies, “It’s going to be great. We just have to maintain. Maintain.” Then I dropped my popcorn on the floor. Then when they gave me a new bucket I put mustard instead of butter on it. Confound the Irvine AMC and its baffling concessions! It happens!

Wish me luck and I will be taking tons of pictures.

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5 Responses to “Breaking news: don’t lose your cool”

  1. blissbait Says:

    good good good good luck
    wishing you coolness all ’round
    and photographs great!


  2. milo Says:

    thinking about you my dear friend!
    keep your head up!
    never feel invisible cause you rock!!

  3. milo Says:


  4. milo Says:

    oh well delete the damn codes…sorry…love you

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