Music Moment: Laura Marling

Laura Marling – New Romantic
This song was my introduction to Miss Laura Marling, a charming little singer-songwriter from the UK who, like a brownie, uses her adorable pixie looks to fool you in to thinking the sprightly tune you’re listening to doesn’t have some of the darkest, wittiest lyrics you’ll ever hear from someone so young.

I know I said I loved you
but I’m thinking I was wrong,
I’m the first to admit that I’m still pretty young,
and I never meant to hurt you
when I wrote you ten love songs
About a guy that I could never get
’cause his girlfriend was pretty fit
and everyone who knew her loved her so.
And I made you leave her for me
and now I’m feeling pretty mean,
but my mind has fucked me over more times
than any man could ever know.

The track came out a bit ago, but I still predict that song will get more famous pretty soon here, rather than less so. Even though it is the likelier in my opinion for regular radio airplay, it seems the label has put more time in to marketing the next tune here, “My Manic and I.”

Laura Marling – My Manic and I
“My Manic and I” has the sultry minor key bluesiness of Dusty Springfield, a very “If You Go Away” mood with this kind of waltzy-pirate dirge beneath, but then the purity of the vocals and the subject matter make you switch gears and draw comparisons to Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.” (Miss Marling, I am totally picking up what you are putting down and I do believe there are also clouds in my coffee now and again.)

I get the feeling that whoever this song is about, it’s the same jerk who inspired “The Man Sings” and some of the lines in “New Romantic.”

Oh, the gods that he believes never fail to amaze me.
He believes in the love of his god of all things, but I find him wrapped up in all manner of sins;
the drugs that deceive him and the girls that believe him.
I can’t control you, I don’t know you well, but these are the reasons I think that you’re ill.
I can’t control you, I don’t know you well, but these are the reasons I think that you’re ill.

Here is the very creative video for the track.

I realized these Music Moment posts tend to run really long because I like music way too much, and can’t bear to only give you half the story on someone I think is really special, so click here to keep reading about marvelous and devilishly witty little pixie Laura Marling, hear more streaming mp3s and see more adorable pictures.
Laura Marling – Candlelight

I have a fear of rejection
But you won’t see it in my projection
Arrogance is my biggest fault
But it’s the thing I hate most of all
But maybe I’m just crazy and grew up too fast

I don’t care what anyone says. This song is about the awkwardness of the first time staying super-late/early at someone’s place (possibly even first time for anything period). You know, you try to front like this is totally normal behavior and you are not just as jumpy and nervous as hell, like as if it doesn’t always feel completely terrifying the first time things heat up with someone semingly no matter how old you get.

Sitting in his bedroom scared as hell
Listening to The Libertines on the vinyl player on his shelf
Getting nervous as I leave his door
Drinking quite a lot and then drinking quite a lot more
But maybe I’m just crazy and grew up too fast

See what I mean? Has to be about that. Who has not been there? Is there a point where that wears off? I’m genuinely curious. Like if you bang so many people can it be that there is no longer awkwardness when it looks like you’re about to sail in to sexytimes waters? Does it ever get to where you do it so much with virtual strangers that it becomes de rigeur and you don’t get all tongue-tied and stomach-churny? I’m not much of a one for the spontaneous hook-up so I don’t know. I’m for real! I have no idea! Fill me in.

Laura Marling – I Know You

Really good song. Someone explain this part to me? Why would a posh girl be on her knees for cockneys? Is that a Thing per se, like to slum it? That’s my guess. Someone educate me, please.

Everybody knows that you’re a posh girl,
Cos when it comes to cockney’s you’re down on your knees.

But that is neither here nor there, just a point of curiosity. The really good lines are, “Everybody knows you’re fucking intelligent, so why do you feel the need to please?” —I and about every other lady of brains that I know needs to think about this— and “Where did the indie in individual go?,” which question we must all ask ourselves as MTV and fashion co-opt every grain of uniqueness and self-expression from our upcoming generations, in whose texting little be-tatted hands the future of humanity rests, so let’s work on making sure they put substance before style (I do not believe that anyone is unreachable). Besides the lovely amazing lyrics, the vocals on this and the whole little bit of soul type thing that is happening with it is awesome and very Carole King (“I Feel the Earth Move”) or Roberta Flack (“Killing Me Softly”). Like it bunches!

Here you may buy some of her merchandise, including a keyring ashtray that if someone wants to get for me I would not say no. Meanwhile, her album, Alas, I Cannot Swim is actually pretty special because, disheartened that people digitally procured music these days and forewent the tangible pleasures of the physical LP, she designed this Songbox thingy that is really cool. She’s quite the gal, I really dig her! I played her for Special K and as she was commenting on it, I thought, “they remind me of each other…” (that reminds me, Special K totally was nominated for Homecoming Queen squeeeeeeeee!) and they do: something about their sweet resistance to the powerful beating waves of modern pop culture. Anyway, I look forward to more good shit from Laura Marling, and the fact that she was born in 1990 gives me genuine and real hope for the future. Eskimo kisses, kiddo! Endin’ it on a high note!

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One Response to “Music Moment: Laura Marling”

  1. Laura Says:

    I love you laura, you are the most talented and amazing girl i have ever seen, please keep it up

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