Per mi amica: Panda Eraser 2nd ed.

Panda Eraser asked me if I was going to trivia at P. Wexford’s tonight, and I am full of weakage and do not know yet. The conversation we had put me in mind of this. Et tu, P.E.?:

Karen: I can’t go out. [cough] I’m sick.
Regina: Boo. You whore.

Classic. Us.

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5 Responses to “Per mi amica: Panda Eraser 2nd ed.”

  1. panda eraser Says:

    i’m sick too, y’know. but i need to drink away the sorrows wrought by another day at the paul mitchell school of mean girls. there, i am not the regina. not by a long shot.

    i understand the family stuffs, though. i hope will all my guts that the planets align in just such a way that you magically make it tonight. my eyes have been pissing a lot lately and i miss your face so seeing you would make me feel warm and fuzzy.

  2. E. Says:

    Let me find out what the kidlet-minding situation is for the rest of the week … we could even go somewhere OTHER than the pub, such as a joint where ladies can acquire soosh bombasticos and set them off. Miki = too rich for my blood, but Osaka and the Soosh Gardino are better w/in range, personally — and no matter what else, they’ve all got those beers big as a girl’s head. The new place, Maisie’s, was pretty good but when I was there last they had no liquor license and I say boo to that folklore.

  3. E. Says:

    Long story short, won’t be there tonight for sure but let’s make plans to hang out just us, somewhere quiet even, soon.

  4. panda eraser Says:

    gimme a couple days til i’m not contagious. remember when i said i was feeling sick? yeah, turns out i have a serious throat and ear infection and am on antibiotics. made a little trip to the e.r. cos of the pain my throat/neck/ear are in. pretty cool, huh?

    no, not really.

    but sushi and beer at the garden sound like a fantastic idea once i’m able to swallow.

    swallow. hehehe…

  5. E. Says:

    I can’t imagine what you mean by that but I conjecture it is FILTHY.

    Sorry you are sick!

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