Music Moment: Across the Universe (Beatles, Fiona, Rufus)

The lush cover of this track by Fiona Apple that appears on the soundtrack to Pleasantville is I think the most gorgeous version of this song ever recorded, so I’m starting things off with that one.

Fiona Apple – Across the Universe

I stumbled over the below picture a few weeks back on the blog chained and perfumed, and my first thought on reading the left column of the album liner notes was, “Wow, that is so awesome to see the lyrics written out like that!” I have always loved this song. Some of my most special personal moments of epiphany and individual soul-forging have taken place with just me, an open Spring road, and this song playing in the car.

Then I read the right column and all my hackles rose and I was sputtering barely intelligible stuff about tunafish sandwiches sucking and I essentially finally spat, “God, I hate you, Yoko Ono!” A confession: I am not a hater in the truest sense. I am terrible at hating; I typically lose track of what I am even angry about, and end up feeling that I am the jerk for not being more forgiving. But I have always had this barely rational hatred of a few people, a shortlist if you will, and at the top is that vile, pretentious and ambitious ruiner of friendships, the dread Yoko Ono; I was even explaining this several days ago to Miss D’s oldest friend Jenni’s husband Kyle while going down 99 with him, kidlet, and Gorgeous George after the wedding rehearsal.

We were stuck in traffic and somehow I ended up going off about Yoko Ono and how if I ever met her I would punch her in the stomach, and if she asked why, I’d punch her again for not knowing, and I think I may have even called her the Sheriff of Punchytown, I don’t quite recall cause I had worked up quite a head of steam. (I was the driver, by the way. Kids, don’t drive angry. Don’t do what Elizabeth does. Ever.)

This video here is Rufus Wainwright’s cover, featuring Dakota Fanning. Pretty great!

So one of my projects in my constant endeavor to improve the wreck I call self this year is to get to like Yoko Ono better, because a few people whose authority I trust have mentioned it is possible she is maligned, and I’ve begun to suspect that perhaps I am grasping too eagerly at hating her so as to avoid hating John. What an ugly thought, I can’t believe I even wrote it down. But it does have the ring of truth to it, doesn’t it, because it would be just like me when feeling let down by a man to blame his woman instead of admitting the fault lays with him. Augh! Way too deep and also feels blasphemous. Let’s get back to the music before I am struck dead by lightning!

Here are two different Beatles versions of the track, the one used in this video (which must have been for some documentary about the Beatles’ trip to India because it begins and ends with some groovy Liverpudlian VO from John woot) I think is the original, for the charity album it first appeared on, and it has a good video with it.

This second one is the superior version of the track musically but it is a grossly inferior montagey-type fan video of graphics. Better recording, though, so, yeah, with the really beautiful backing choir and suchlike. Treat yourself.

Wish me luck on not hating Yoko Ono quite so much and I’ll catch you on the flip side!

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