Superfriendohs and pick-me-ups, or, Cookbooks and pink boobs

Kidlet and I have been sick all day and I had taken advantage of the down time to start browsing through the cookbook the Gentleman gave me for my birthday, A Platter of Figs and other recipes, by David Tanis, reknowned chef of Chez Panisse, a Gourmet cookbook club selection, with front blurbs from Michael Pollan and Alice freaking Waters, just basically hooty-hoos all around.

Right about the time that kidlet and I were agreeing that neither of us would ever be able to in good conscience eat rabbit unless it was a survival-type situation (they are cute little bunnies, come on!), the doorbell rang.

It was Panda Eraser! Stopping by unexpectedly with a present for me, a Superfriends shirt featuring Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl! And she had a coordinating one!

I know I have said it before…

…but I have really caring friends. I’m really lucky.

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5 Responses to “Superfriendohs and pick-me-ups, or, Cookbooks and pink boobs”

  1. panda eraser Says:

    hellz yeah.

  2. milo Says:

    you wanna pick me up?

    read this!

    i laughed like a crazy man!

  3. E. Says:

    I love that!! Here is one in return, a guy just writes all the stupid shit his roommate does,

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