Music Moment: The Tom Fun Orchestra

Today I am all about dark, quirky, folksy Nova Scotia indie rockers The Tom Fun Orchestra. Don’t they look cute? And like real people.

The Tom Fun Orchestra – Tar Pond Tango

If you are in a mood for monotonous, predictable music that you can have on in the background while you do something mindless like drive in a large group of chatting people, or if you do not care with what music you fill your mind whatsoever, and despise creativity and creepiness and roots-style swampy fun, then this band is not for you at all. Skip this post, scroll down the page to BDSM Catwoman pics and keep listening to some godawful derivative unimaginative all-alike tripe like Coldplay. They’re your ears. But if you are a One for quirk and high times, read on!

Here is the UK MVA Best Animation-nominated video for the track “Bottom of the River,” directed by Alasdair Brotherston and Jock Mooney. Other nominees were Coldplay, Prodigy, Hauscha and Röyksopp. (For the unhappy record, Shynola won for Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing,” which basically swept all categories. This is the explanation for my earlier left-field tall glass of Coldplay-haterade, although I admit I do most of the time generally dislike them.)

The video is entirely animated, very creative, spooky, and fun and well-suited for just-before-Halloween.

The Tom Fun Orchestra – Watchmaker
At first you think it’s a creepy stalker song, which I am not opposed to, but then it ends up being kind of a metaphor for God. I think, anyway. I mean, it’s a pretty obvious and heavyhanded symbolism right out of the gate just from choosing the loaded term “watchmaker,” in the opening lyrics so for once I can honestly say that I doubt I’m misinterpreting it.

The Tom Fun Orchestra – Last of the Curious Thieves

I’m going to try to let the wiki handle this one because I’m still not feeling totally my tippy toppy bestest. The Tom Fun Orchestra “combines elements of folk, roots, blues, rock and punk to create a sound that is at once familiar yet entirely unique” (wiki). I don’t know about the punk part but I am in no kind of mood to get in to that debate today.

To me, sounds like: the Pogues, Creedence, Tom Waits, Billy Childish, Dan Melchior, the Holmes Bros, Firewater, the Pierces, Blackbird Raum, Gogol Bordello, Squirrel Nut Zippers, the JOU, Flat Duo Jets, Nick Cave, Dropkick Murphys, Charlie Daniels Band. But not at all Arcade Fire or Broken Social Scene. I honestly don’t see where the wiki got that. Explain if it is something you hear and understand, I’m lost.

Getting long again. Happens so fast! Okay. So. Pretty much the rest of the album is streamed after the jumpy-jump, along with buying advice and more pics of the members of the band.

I can definitely hear the Tom Waits influence, vox-wise, but the folk aspect of the sound really only comes from the instruments being used, not the compositions or arrangements themselves. I do see more like the Pogues or folk-inspired Irish outfits like aforementioned Deacon Blue (mentioned them in the McIntosh Ross post) and even the Cranberries.

The Tom Fun Orchestra – Behind the Fence
One of my favorites. Sounds kind of like the Charlie Daniels Band. To me. I am an unreliable source today, tho. It’s the driving strings with the rides cymbals. It makes it feel like a race! I better not put this on any driving CD’s.

It’s all in the tempo and the signature, you know? You get a fiddle at a certain speed and it doesn’t matter how much percussion and crunch you’ve got along with it, it sounds like folk. That gets me thinking about fiddles and violas and violins, really….we really respond to those, don’t we, like as people? Oh, no, cold medication, STOP.

The Tom Fun Orchestra – Rum and Tequila

Went to a funeral for the Mad Hatter
Served his head on a platter

I think that means he outcrazied him. Awesome!

The Tom Fun Orchestra – Heart Attack in an Old Motel

You can buy their album directly from Company House Records, for 12 canadian dollars. That’s cute. I wonder how much that is in real money. Oh, needless burn!

The Tom Fun Orchestra – Throw Me to the Rats
This is a really cool song but I have a short attention span and I am totally over working on this entry for right now. I’ll come back later and edit this. Sorry!

The Tom Fun Orchestra – When You Were Mine

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