Wednesday Wednesday Music Moment: Addams Family Ballroom Waltz

Addams Family – Ballroom Waltz

This number, not the Russian dance nor the tango in the sequel, has always been my favorite from the Addams Family movies. For some reason it gets in my head when I do the dishes. If someone can offer an explanation, please do.

At first I thought that would be the actual scene, but I can’t seem to find it. So it’s the music and a series of stills. Doesn’t really take off ’til around 1:13. I realize a minute does not seem like so long to wait when you read it written out, but if your attention span is anything like mine, just skip straight to there.

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One Response to “Wednesday Wednesday Music Moment: Addams Family Ballroom Waltz”

  1. F. Says:

    In the German version Morticia says something quite different after Wednesday has left Lumpy:

    “Well, Quasi Addams. That I call brave.
    Is there also something growing on you just now? ”

    “Quasi” could refer to Quasimodo.
    But why has an Addams to be brave to dance with a little girl?
    The last sentence I don’t understand.
    Growing on his body? A part of his body is growing?

    I have something in mind but… it is dirty…
    Maybe a dirty joke of the German translation team.

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