Wednesday Wednesday: See you some other Wednesday?

This day has been heavily skewed toward Christina Ricci, not only because I like her version of Charles Addams’ character best, which I know owes more to writing and direction than to anything she did, but also because I think as an adult she is an adorable teensy tiny pocket rocket, a “little looker,” if you will (I will!). Seriously, do you know how freaking small she is? That is so fucking cute to me, I find super-tiny women fascinating. Okay, on with the show.

It should surprise no one that, in the wake of the success of the Barry Sonnenfeld movies, the network which stepped up to create a television series and make a quick buck off America’s renewed interest in the Addams Family’s spooky hijinks was Fox. Nicole Fugere played Wednesday, seen here with Pugsley, played by Brody Smith.

The show was cancelled after two seasons on the then-fledgling Fox Family Channel, which was still trying to find its legs, programming-wise. (They run classy fare now like stuff about teenagers having sex, because it is a family channel — duh.)

(“Do not be alarmed, for we are only little children.” I hella remember watching that episode way back when on a b&w portable TV I got to have in my room when I was sick!)

Old school: adorable Lisa Loring, whose version of the character was quite sweet actually, was the Wednesday of the original television series, a little winsome and dark, but not much teeth; mainly of the lisping and precocious child star variety that was popular at the time (Opie, Beav, etc).

This is Jennifer Suprenant as Wednesday Friday Addams, Jr., who along with a Pugsley, Jr. (Ken Marquis) appeared alongside their
1964 series counterparts Lisa Loring and Ken Weatherwax as a second set of Addams children, ones that Gomez and Tish apparently popped out after the “senior” children left the nest, in the 1977 made-for-TV special Halloween with the New Addams Family.

This has been your Wednesday Wednesday! Thank you and good evening!

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