Daily Batman: Yes, we get it

This is such a lame jokey reference, and yet I laugh each time.

Bruce: Where will you go? The circus must be halfway to Metropolis by now.
Batman Forever (1995).

My daughter watched me do this one, and she said, “Strange words that you typed.”

“Strange? They’re not strange, what do you mea — oh, because they’re in a language you can’t read?”

She looked at me like I was Grimace from Ronald McDonaldland and said slowly, “Yes. Because of that.”

“That’s a programming language. It’s called HTML.”

“What does that mean?”

“‘Hypertext markup language.’ It tells the internet what to do.”

“You tell the internet what to do?”

“Yes, I am the boss of the internet.”

She digested this for a moment then shook her head. “No. No, you wouldn’t be.”

Sick burn.

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