Music Moment: The Elected, “Beautiful Rainbow”

The Elected – Beautiful Rainbow

This is a very simple, nearly acoustic little number that is a perfect, short and sweet love song. I had originally planned to go a lot more in depth on the really great music of The Elected later, but I’m pretty slammed today reconstructing fragments of my catrastrophic data loss yesterday. So just the one song today, with some lyrics and pretty pictures. More to come eventually because I really like these guys!

My love, she is a rainbow
she moves from east to west
My love, she is the wind blowing
through my heart in my chest
And she’s the sun, the afternoon
I’ve seen her shining the whole day through
And you know, something just changes
when you see a rainbow

Her smile, it is the ocean
crashing on my eyes
Her arms, they are the oak trees
and she’s reaching for the sky
And she’s the lake under the moon
I’ve seen her twinkling the whole night through
And you know, something must be changing
cause I’ve seen a rainbow

And I’d burn my old house down
I’d get tattooed
I’d do whatever I had to do
And if the sky filled up with clouds of doom
and the whole world was ending soon
Well, I just couldn’t get scared
cause I’d have my rainbow
And I’d see her shining right through
Look, there goes my rainbow

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