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Neverending Quotable NSFW Drew and Chili cook-off, here I come!

November 7, 2009

All done with the ambrosia, hair flat-ironed, going to slap on some mascara and slide on down to C-town for that there ol’ chili cook-off. Wish me luck! In the meanwhile, here is some adorable but culinarily challenged Drew Barrymore to brighten your night.

“I don’t cook, I can’t cook, and it is really abominable to see me in the kitchen. I order in takeaway food or get my friends to cook because a lot of them are very good.” — Drew Barrymore

“My culinary skills are terrible. I can’t even make toast taste good. I do make scrambled eggs for myself sometimes but I wouldn’t even inflict that on anyone else.” — Drew Barrymore

“I can cook about two things. I can boil hot water for the only pasta I can make.” — Drew Barrymore

I’ll let you know how the cookoff goes. Have a great night!

Music Moment: The Runaways, “Cherry Bomb”

November 7, 2009

“Hello, Daddy, hello, Mom … ”

The Runaways — Cherry Bomb

PSA: A full-length movie about these original riot grrls is in the works — almost done, even. Did You Know? And as a very special segment of this PSA: All grown’z up Dakota Fanning and that frowny chick from Twilight are both in it. Kristen Stewart plays Joan fuckin’ Jett and little Miss Fanning plays Cherie Currie.

Oh, my god, Joan Jett still looks so fucking amazingly perfect that I actually said, “Holy shit!” out loud, fervently, when I saw this picture. I would totally be standing by the record machine for you, Joanie! Call me!

Not only that, but from both the on- and offset pictures I’ve seen, they sure do a lot of canoodling. And the rumor is that they’ve got some makeout scenes, at least one, according to the NY Daily News. That’s good, not just for ticket sales, but in terms of a movie actually being faithful to the real life events it claims to depict.

Ladies do end up together from time to time. It happens! If you don’t believe me, slip some Valium and vodka in to the punch at the next PTA meeting. You find out p.d.q. who the down gals are.

So, all in all, I’m giving this musicians’ biopic, a genre of which I usually am queasy and wary, an unprecedented fatty-boom-batty green light, sight unseen. Hell, yes! I actually can’t wait!

NSFW November: Super-cute Grace Kim, Miss November 2008!

November 7, 2009

Heck yeah, Grace Kim!

Super-cute! I love this chick. She promotes video games and has a great sense of humor and is genuinely a geek, not like these phony faux-nerds they sometimes get on G4 and such. She’s rad! She is also, according to the wiki, the first Korean-American playmate, which is pretty cool, too.

Look at how real and adorable that smile is. I think she is almost always honestly laughing in pictures, not any of that coy b.s. that passes for an alleged giggle in some of these shoots.

She just always seems to be having fun, every time I see her in print or on television, and I think that reflects a terrific life outlook and suggests humility and the sense to recognize and appreciate good fortune. Those are great traits for anyone to have, but when you combine them with someone willing to take it all off? Winner winner, chicken dinner!! I don’t mean to gush. Grace Kim is just an all-around great girl in my book.

Dig that giant watch. Love it!!

Finally, did a spoof of the presidential town hall debates which digitally altered real footage to show Grace and some other playmates asking the candidates questions. Grace’s segment is the best because some of those other bunnies are pretty dumb. (In one of their defense, I admit that “fiduciary” is a hard word to say. You know what else is hard? Math, like, omg!)

The Playboy Playmates Heat up the Presidential Debate – watch more funny videos

Go ahead and watch it but Grace’s part is brief and the whole thing is not that funny, although I’m not suggesting anyone die instead.

Okay, fine, when you put it like that, I guess you can play the drums. Just this once!

Okay, so I gotta go whip up my ambrosia (one of the things I’m taking to today’s chili cookoff!) and flat-iron this mad rad hair of mine. Hopefully I will have time for a Music Moment before I bounce down to Paolo and Miss D’s!

Daily Batman: Catwoman and Batgirl, the Naked Truth

November 7, 2009

Batman Confidential, No. 18. “The Bat and the Cat, Part 2 of 5: ‘Insanity Claws!'” by Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire (Aug 2008).

Finally finished up that comic I mentioned buying and starting around a month ago. Things have been hectic lately and I kept forgetting it was in the garage. Like I said, I jumped in mid-series, but I think I can provide a little backstory you will enjoy to explain this panel.

As this issue begins, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) is hunting down Catwoman (Selina Kyle) because she suspects Catwoman stole her father Jim’s notebook, which doubtless has sensitive personal information, drawings of dalmatian puppies in sunflower fields, and confidential case notes and grocery lists in it — Gordon loves dalmations.

The intrepid Spunky McCheeseball manages to run the kitteh-lady to ground by following her to a scandalous private club meeting. It turns out to be the Gotham Hedonist Society, where everyone goes around nude but for masks and indulges in safe, supervised, kinky insane sex with multiple partners. (Are you surprised in a city known for disguised superheroes and villains that this would become a fetish?) They let Little Red keep her hood but make her lose the clothes. Rules are rules!

She gets the notebook away from her target, and, after some naked wrestling, escapes the club and sadly dresses again, thus ending the one interesting and unpredictable thing she has done for me so far. Luckily, good ol’ loveable Catwoman stalks the drippy gingersnatch to a junkyard and steals the notebook back.

A lively fight and footchase ensues, ending on a rooftop, where the always-misunderstood kitteh-lady reveals begrudgingly that she needs to decode the information in the notebook, which Pippi Purplestocking has discovered is encrypted (thanks a lot, Daddy!), in order to save someone’s life — then promptly gets shot off the roof by a sniper that Batgirl can’t see.

Now I’m looking for the next one in the series. I’ll keep you posted.