Recently Liberated Space

I’ve still been liberating negative space lately, but I’ve been strangely upbeat and almost flower-childlike about the messages. Recently I was in two dreary, dreadful places where I thought the employees and other bathroom-goers could use some sunshine.

First, the Staples in C-town:

We were in Staples to have them make table signs for the wedding and every single employee looked so unbelievably miserable to be there that it was mind-blowing. There was not a happy camper to be found. They drifted like ghosts, avoiding eye contact with customers and, to a man, wearing a forlorn expression. I don’t know what gives, but that is one bleak joint, I’m serious.

A second place that needed a little liberation was most certainly the DMV:

They had little tiny tiles up in the bathroom to maybe discourage graffiti?, I’m not sure, but I didn’t let it deter me. The parade of human misery and frustration that tromps through that place must have the walls dripping with depressed psychic energy. Hopefully this cheered up whoever came in next.

That’s all for now, because I keep forgetting my camera when I leave the house.

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