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Movie Moment: Rushmore (1998), just a couple of Unlikely G’s sportin’ pins

November 19, 2009

HERMAN: What’s this?

MAX: That’s the Perfect Attendance Award and the Punctuality Award. I got those at Rushmore. I thought you could choose which one you like more, and you could wear that one, and I could wear the other.


HERMAN: I’ll take Punctuality.

MAX: Okay. — Rushmore, Wes Anderson, 1998.

NSFW November: Pamela Stein, Miss November 1987

November 19, 2009

From the snow-peaked mountains of Canada to the warm beaches of the sunny south Eastern seaboard of the United States, the third and final Miss November of today, the lovely and talented Pamela Stein, appeared as the centerfold in the November 1987 issue of Playboy.

Photographed by Stephen Wayda

Though she was born in Syracuse, New York, Ms. Stein was raised in “the part of Florida you don’t see on Miami Vice” (Playboy data sheet). Like fellow Miss November Shannon Tweed, Pamela trends toward them there ol’ rock stars (happens all the time). She is married to Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander.

Both of their two children, a girl and a boy, are named Robin. I guess that … makes it easy to remember. There is really no excuse for blanking on one of your kids’ name when they’re both the same.
Oh, snap. A quick check of the imdb tells me that the boy is Robin, Jr. and the girl is Robin-Sailor. In my face; those are totally different!

Actually, I do not want to particularly make fun too much because she seems like a pretty rocking chick. Cute, upbeat, and a good sense of humor.

She’s not one to get by on looks alone. On her Data Sheet, under “Goals and Aspirations,” she wrote. “To find the largest cockroach in Florida.”

You see, there’s this contest for, yes, the largest cockroach, and Pam has her eye out for likely candidates. “But don’t put that in the magazine or people will be sending me their cockroaches. I want to win fair and square.” — “Winning Streak”, Playboy, November 1987.

Pam told us with a completely straight face that if she couldn’t land a role on a TV soap opera, she’d settle for the job of being Ollie North’s next secretary. As we walked past a construction site to a chorus of whistles, she expressed gratitude that “someone [was] upholding the traditional values.” These lines were delivered with a megawatt twinkle that could stand up to hours of interrogation.

“I get the apple-pie jobs. I never get to look glamorous.” She did two McDonald’s ads; her friends assumed she was working for the local franchise. “Sounds like an exciting life, doesn’t it? Now you know why I answered the call for Playboy!”

Ms. Stein presently lives in Safety Harbor, Florida with her aforementioned fam, and, as far as I can tell, has never gotten to be Oliver North’s secretary. Aw. A dream deferred.

Music Moment: The Song Remains the Same — Five Iron Frenzied ukulele “Earth Angel” edition

November 19, 2009

Five Iron Frenzied – Earth Angel (acoustic uke cover)

I said several days ago that “Twilight Time” is my favorite song of all time, but another one that rates right up there for me is “Earth Angel,” charted by lots of folks but mainly famously done by the Penguins. If you cannot quite place it, it’s the song covered by Marvin Berry and the Starlighters in the Back to the Future movies, the one to which Marty’s parents, George McFly and Lorraine Baines, must dance together at the Enchantment Under the Sea ball in 1955 in order to ensure that Marty and his siblings exist in 1985.

“If you guys ever have kids, and one of them, when he’s eight years old, accidentally sets fire to the living room rug…”

The song had also cropped up not two years earlier in Superman III. Clark Kent (Christopher Reeve, R.I.P) and Lana Lang (Annette O’Toole*) dance to it at their reunion, because otherwise she would have to dance with her loser boyfriend. I think this is the best Superman movie for entertainment value, but basically nobody agrees with me other than the writers of Office Space.

*Fun fact: Annette O’Toole now plays Mrs. Kent, Clark’s adoptive mother, on “Smallville.”

This very beautiful, ethereal cover is by an 18-year-old ukulele aficionado on youtube who goes by the name “FiveIronFrenzied,” not to be confused with the Christian ska band Five Iron Frenzy.

Earth angel, earth angel
Will you be mine?
My darling dear
Love you all the time
I’m just a fool
A fool in love with you

Earth angel, earth angel
The one I adore
Love you forever and ever more
I’m just a fool
A fool in love with you

I fell for you and I knew
The vision of your loveliness
I hope and pray that someday
That I’ll be the vision of your happiness

Earth angel, earth angel
Please be mine
My darling dear
Love you all the time
I’m just a fool
A fool in love with you

I fell for you and I knew
The vision of your loveliness
I hope and pray that someday
That I’ll be the vision of your happiness

Earth angel, earth angel
Please be mine
My darling dear
Love you all the time
I’m just a fool
A fool in love with you

Hot Man Bein’ Hot of the Day: Vincent Cassel

November 19, 2009

It has been way too long since we saw a hot man bein’ hot of the day around here. Vincent Cassel, take it away!

Brilliant oddball Vincent Cassel is married to a personal heroine, Monica Bellucci — ten years in August. Impressive! He is a director, actor, writer and musician. Generally he plays maniacs and bad guys (I love crazy).

He has said of his being typecast in tough guy parts, “It’s all right. I like playing baddies.” The first role in which I ever saw him was as Gilles de Rais in Luc Besson’s 1999 film The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, which for my Catholic, action-movie-loving, Milla-Jovovich-adoring money is one of the best freakin’ movies evah.

Some fun Vincent and Monica facts from the imdb:

  • Both have been the Master of Ceremonies at the Cannes film festival: Vincent in 2006, Monica in 2003.
  • For professional reasons, Vincent lives mostly in Paris while Monica Bellucci lives mostly in London. Despite this, they have appeared in the following films together: Sheitan (2006), Agents secrets (2004), Irréversible (2002), Le pacte des loups (2001), Méditerranées (1999), Le plaisir (et ses petits tracas) (1998), Compromis (1998), Dobermann (1997), Come mi vuoi (1997) and L’appartement (1996).
  • Some of Vincent’s english-language credits from which you might recognize him include Elizabeth, Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen, Eastern Promises, and the forthcoming Darren Aronofsky picture Black Swan, which will also star Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Winona Ryder, and Barbara Hershey (freaking awesome).

    A musician among his other many talents, Vincent performed the song “Step Da Step Krugom” in Eastern Promises. He also appeared as the voice of Monsieur Hood and sang the gay, snappy little Merry Men number in Shrek — you know, the scene in the wood where Princess Fiona kicks their asses all Matrix style.

    Final shot featuring bonus heat from one Mister Viggo Mortensen (of course) from the set of Eastern Promises:

    NSFW November: Sylvie Garant, Miss November 1979

    November 19, 2009

    Okay, I did some math and it turns out I actually have to do three a day if I’m going to get all the Miss Novembers in before the end of the month (I think I’m even going to have to quadruple on two days). So here we go!

    Photographed by Richard Fegley

    The lovely and talented Sylvie Garant, Playboy’s Miss November 1979, landed in the magazine after submitting her picture to the Great Playmate Hunt, a contest which was held for Playboy’s twenty-fifth anniversary.

    The second Canadian o’ the day, Sylvie’s later career credits include co-hosting duties with Alex Trebek on the game show “The $128,000 Question” (I guess they wanted to out-do “the $64,000 Question,” or is that a Canadian conversion thing?) and, later, a similar job with Monty Hall on the game show “The Joke’s On Us.”

    Ms. Garant has only recently gotten onto the convention and public appearance circuit. Here is a picture of her taken August 2009 at the Chicago Glamourcon from the official site of the incomparable Dolores Del Monte (Miss March 1954), a super-awesome vintage model who is still rockin’ in the free world.

    Sylvie Garant, left, and Dolores Del Monte

    Dolores says in her caption that it was Sylvie’s first Glamourcon:

    Sunday our last day of the Chicago Glamourcon, with Sylvie Garant, Nov. 1979. A too short get together with this new Playmate sister. Her 1st time at Glamourcon!

    I think it is adorable that Miss March 1954 is a seasoned convention-goer who is showing Miss November 1979 the ropes. I don’t know why, I just love that.

    Check out this final pic from the blog of Candace Collins Jordan (Miss December 1979): it features a couple of the playmates who’ve been highlighted here in the last few weeks, and a couple who will be coming up soon. Spot the Miss Novembers!

    Left to right: Sylvie Garant (Miss November 1979); Patti Connors, nee McGuire, (Miss November 1976); Candace Collins Jordan (Miss December 1979); Laura Lyons (Miss February 1976); Monica Tidwell (Miss November 1973); Janet Lupo (Miss November 1975); and Dede Lind (Miss August 1967), who you may recall is the roommate of Lisa Baker (Miss November 1966) (not pictured).

    Anticipation: Alice moving under skies/ Never seen by waking eyes

    November 19, 2009

    A BOAT, beneath a sunny sky
    Lingering onward dreamily
    In an evening of July —

    Children three that nestle near,
    Eager eye and willing ear,
    Pleased a simple tale to hear —

    Long has paled that sunny sky:
    Echoes fade and memories die:
    Autumn frosts have slain July.

    Still she haunts me, phantomwise,
    Alice moving under skies
    Never seen by waking eyes.

    Children yet, the tale to hear,
    Eager eye and willing ear,
    Lovingly shall nestle near.

    In a Wonderland they lie,
    Dreaming as the days go by,
    Dreaming as the summers die:

    Ever drifting down the stream —
    Lingering in the golden gleam —
    Life, what is it but a dream? — Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass, Chapter XII: “Which Dreamed It?”

    The poem is an acrostic. Going down, the first letter of each line spells out “Alice Pleasance Liddell.”

    NSFW November: Danielle de Vabre, Miss November 1971

    November 19, 2009

    Playboy’s Miss Novembrrrrr 1971, Danielle de Vabre, came from the frozen North of Canadialand, where she was a lovely and talented bunny at the Montreal club.

    Photographed by Dwight Hooker

    She grew up skiing in Canada, but, after graduating from high school, she and her parents agreed she could take a year off and go to Colorado to be a ski instructor there.

    Danielle’s parents agreed that, before beginning her English-literature studies at a Montreal college, she should have her dream adventure in the Western U.S. “My parents knew that if I started school right away, I would resent being there and, consequently, my concentration would suffer.” There was one condition in their agreement, however: Danielle was to finance the trip herself (“Snow Job,” Playboy, November 1971).

    Yes, it is so often the case that concentration in college suffers because all you can think about is skiing. Thank goodness her parents were aware of this educational pitfall.

    Naturally, the next logical step was to become a Playboy bunny. Pfft — duh! Everyone knows that’s how you get money to go to Colorado and become a ski instructor. Story as old as time.

    For the next few months, Danielle worked as a Bunny while waiting to hear from the Colorado resorts to which she’d applied. Finally, she received a positive reply from the Steamboat Springs ski school’s Skeeter Werner, sister of the late Olympic skier Bud Werner.

    Oh, hey, aging rich plane passenger. Coffee, tea, or Danielle?

    To become an airline stewardess. I’d also like to study interior design and fine arts.
    Age does not matter, as long as he has character.

    I just kind of feel like those two statements are related.

    Though I of course assume that all her dreams came true and she is doubtless skiing down some snowy slope in her airline stewardess uniform while sketching an interior design and dictating a novel into a tape recorder, I absolutely came up triple goose eggs on searches for what Ms. de Vabre is really up to these days. If you know, drop me a line!

    Morning sunshine: Drew Barrymore has advice on control, mistakes, gratitude, and being yourself (naturally somewhat NSFW)

    November 19, 2009

    I learned at a really young age that you cannot control people or nature and how it evolves. It’s an impossible task, and you will drive yourself nuts trying to do it.

    If you repeatedly make mistakes and don’t learn from them, then that’s a rocky path. But if you burn the shit out of yourself and then go, “O.K., that hurt, but I’ve got it now,” then you can go on.

    The truth is, I know it can all fucking go away again in a heartbeat. That’s why I will always be grateful for every job I get. And about life, what do you do? Do you become a cloistered nun and not live your life because of the fear of what people might think or say?

    That last one about not living your life because of fear of what people might say … that is touching a nerve. I need to think about that. Isn’t she just the best? Pure sunshine, I’m serious!

    All quotes from “The Drew That Grew,” interview with Ingrid Sischy, Interview Magazine, May 1995.

    Daily Batman: Dick Clark and the Dynamic Duo

    November 19, 2009

    Dick Clark: (opening apartment window as Batman and Robin climb past) Hey! Who’re you?
    Robin: He must be new in Gotham City.
    Batman: He’s from Philadelphia.
    Dick Clark: How did you know?
    Batman: You dipped your dipthong. People from Philidelphia are known for that.

    Robin: We’re Batman and Robin. The crimefighters!
    Dick Clark: Oh. Are you a vocal group?
    Robin: What?!
    Dick Clark: I thought perhaps you might be a singing duo.
    –“Batman”, Season 2, Episode 1: “Shoot A Crooked Arrow.” (Original air date September 7, 1966.)