Karmaloop update and discount code (the Catwoman hoodie website)

Well, holy crap, guys! I don’t know if it’s coincidence or there are darker forces at work, but the very day I bring up karmaloop in this journal, touting their freaking awesome Tripp NYC Catwoman hoodie, I get a bulk email from the dude who runs it. The email notes that I and whoever the other recipients are on his mailing list have not bought anything in awhile and contains a pretty good discount code.

I am broke as a joke, no Black Friday or anything for me these days because I got a squeaky-tight budget right now that cannot handle impulse buys no matter how sweet the retailer makes the pot, so I see no harm in passing the coupon code on to you. I have included random pictures of cool stuff from the site to entice you to give it a whirl, because I seriously have zero use for this coupon and I hate to see a) a chance to save money go to waste, and b) a cool site have to drum up business like this, meaning they might go under. So please, go for it.

Happy Commencement of the Commercial Holidays, y’all! Enjoy — and if you use it, send me pictures of your shit!

Karmaloop Fam,

I wanted to hit you up because I see that you haven’t shopped at Karmaloop.com in a while. I know the economy has been messed up and that may be one of the reasons you haven’t shopped recently.

and BAM 20% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER + $20 Gift code for next purchase when you check out!!!

$20 Gift code will be emailed to you within a week of purchase

But if there are any other reasons I want to know! We pride ourselves on our connection to our customers and if you had any problems, issues, or aren’t seeing what you like hit me up my email and cell # is below. Actually, hit for any reason if you have ideas or just want to chop it up.

I get back to everyone but I get tons of emails so if you don’t hear back that means either 1. I didn’t get the email for some reason or 2. I will be getting back soon…but feel free to hit me again if you thing I might have missed your email.

We have literally thousands of berserk new styles that have dropped on the site in the last week for both men and women…it is never too early to do a little holiday shopping or buy yourself something nice…you deserve it!!!! Everyone deserves to look fresh…but no one more than you!



Greg Selkoe, Founder, Kung Fu Master, member of the Golden Horde, & Dog Trainer
Karmaloop.com, Karmaloop TV, & Junglelife.com
W: 617.695.0689
C: 617.216.1013
F: 617.249.1952
T: twitter.com/selkoe
F: facebook.com/selkoe

or send a postal mail to:
131 Tremont St, Fl 2

It’s cute when he says “chop it up,” but honestly, I’m not totally sure what that means. Just shoot the breeze or is there something more definitively involved? Let me know. Keep me young.

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One Response to “Karmaloop update and discount code (the Catwoman hoodie website)”

  1. jess Says:

    this is the best! Thanks!

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