Daily Batman: Advice, The Dark Knight edition

This picture from The Dark Knight brings up two pieces of advice.

First, it is very important that you look at the Joker when he talks to you. Do not forget.

Second, you must accept that sometimes a thing is a foregone conclusion. Friend, he is wearing an apron fashioned of a garbage bag. There is no scenario in which this ends well for you.

Questions for discussion:

  • This scene is one of two in which the Joker gives a very detailed origin story about his scars. He is not asked about his scars by the people to whom he tells the stories, and the stories do not match. Why do you think this is?

  • Why do you think is it so important to the Joker that people look at him when he speaks to them?
  • Would you feel nervous if you had to talk to the Joker? (Suppose in this case he were not wearing a garbage bag and rather was just in his de rigeur violet and puce duds.) Why or why not?
  • Oh, PS, this is a precursor to forthcoming The Dark Knight December. Between that and Sam Haskins, we got us quite the month shapin’ up.

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    3 Responses to “Daily Batman: Advice, The Dark Knight edition”

    1. Rincewind Says:

      yes, I would feel nervous because my grandma used to wear makeup almost similar to the one Heath Ledger is wearing in this movie and it was really hard to look at her at the same time she was talking even though she was really sweet.

      btw, a link you might like w a nice batman comic picture (u have probably seen it…) http://bunkercomplex.wordpress.com/2009/11/28/what-a-jerk/

      • E. Says:

        Ha! I never saw that one. Totally saved it — will credit you when I use it.

        As long as your grandmother did not wear the garbage bag, I wager you were in the clear. But with the Joker it’s anybody’s game!

    2. sasoc Says:

      The Batman is no match for the clown…because he has a secret that is revealed here:

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