Music Moment: Clare Quilty, “Snow White”

Dark but delicious.

Clare Quilty – Snow White

Shalom Harlow by David LaChapelle

Now-defunct Charlottesville, VA rockers Clare Quilty have a cool, industrial-cum-punk, girl-fronted sound like Garbage or Snake River Conspiracy. They took their name from the character in the Nabokov novel and subsequent film adapations (in which his part was considerably beefed up) of Lolita. It seems that they parted ways after just a couple albums. I’ll come back to them another day because they had a cool sound and I’m not totally clear on what happened with their breakup (it was news to me when I went to grab their official site link and it was down … then when I cruised the wiki, it said they’d split).

This track, “Snow White,” comes from their second LP, Strong, and at first seems to be about getting murdered during rape, but I think if you listen carefully there’s a case to be made that it’s actually about a twisted relationship, or just some good old-fashioned masochistic consensual sex.

How can I get away from you?
Why must I watch the things you do?
What does it mean that you want a piece,
to my shattered skull and my broken knees?

“Snow White” by Maagda Lenka on

Oh, oh,
Oh, oh,
Snow White
Snow White

How can you say that you want the truth
when the words in which I’ve spoken are far from you?
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
Let’s beat Jack with a candlestick

“Snow White” by Jozy Chen on deviantart

Oh, oh,
Oh, oh,
Snow White
Snow White

Oh, oh,
Oh, oh,
Snow White
Snow White

“Snow White: The Poison Apple” by Cyril Helnwein.

How can I be all the things you want me to
with my twisted neck and my fingers blue
Your voice in my throat, your rage in my pants
my movements suggest an obedient dance

Oh, oh,
Oh, oh,

Oh, oh,
Oh, oh,
Snow White
Snow White

by Courtney Brims

Either way. Love: sometimes it is a poisoned apple.

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9 Responses to “Music Moment: Clare Quilty, “Snow White””

  1. Cyril Says:

    Please delete my photo from your blog here: You can replace it with the watermarked version here if you wish:

  2. Cyril Says:

    HELLO?? Please respond to my comment above asap!

    • E. Says:

      The image has been replaced per your request, since your request.

      • Jed Leyland Says:


        Are you going to be adding content to your site ? Just lurking ? Throw a virtual party when you go over 5,000,000 visits ?


        • E. Says:

          I have been so busy with work and school that I’ve not had time to add content, but my wheels are always turning. I look forward to getting back in to the writing soon, Jed! Thank you : )

    • E. Says:

      Also, please don’t be so rude to me. All you had to do was look at the post to see that your image had been changed to the watermarked picture and linked through on the same day you asked, exactly as you asked. I didn’t think it required anything other than compliance to show you that I valued your concern and honored your request. Now wordpress has notified me of a complaint you made to them; an unnecessary complaint, since, as I said, the watermarked image has been the one up since immediately after I read your request. The, “HELLOOO” and “asap” are not appreciated. It was done “asap”. You just didn’t realize it, and that is not my fault.

      • Cyril Says:

        The copyright notification I sent to wordpress to get the image automatically removed was because the image on your server was still active (changing out the image on the blog post does not delete the actual image file, which is still accessible to anyone). The file itself was still there until I sent this notification in yesterday evening. And it is not a complaint, they are simply informing you that you are illegally using a copyrighted image so that you can challenge it in case you do have a copyright for it. Also, I was left with no choice to do this as I didn’t hear back from you after 4 days (and there is no direct way to contact you on your blog except for the comments section).
        To save you a similar headache in the future, I suggest you get the permission of the copyright holder before you use their work to illustrate your blog. Because an image is available for viewing on the deviantart or other websites, does not make it automatically “fair use” unless so stated by the owner.
        And just for your info, the link you posted under the image is incorrect – it has a spelling mistake in it (“cryil” instead of “cyril”).

  3. E. Says:

    I stand schooled.

  4. mickey Says:

    okay, so how exciting is it to see that “E” still checks in and is planning on writing again?!.. she is, perhaps, after her degree so that she can further her chances of getting hired full time… congrats, E, and hope it all works out for you… your wit and personality will only benefit the school system… look forward to your writing…

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