Milo Kustoms — Art, Photography, Gear, and More! with bonus musings on significance of the resurgence of a rat rod and rockabilly culture

I am lucky enough to have a rad bro and his equally rad ladyfriend as two of my great special friendohs, Milo Weasel and Cinder.

Left: Milo with their rad car; Right: Cinder and Milo at the Tattoo Expo at the Cow Palace a few years back.

Besides forays into painting, pin-up photography, and kickass custom-made merchandise through their amazing creative work on their official site,, they also attend car shows with their superfly ride.

Brain asplodin-adorableness: Cinder is married to the sea! Photographed by Mike Wedel/Milo Weasel.

I was incredibly excited to get an email from Milo a few days back, sharing that his picture and car were featured in the magazine Amusin Krusin.

Milo is in the upper left. The caption reads, “It ain’t gonna fix itself, Skippy, no matter how much you stare at it.”

You can visit their site to view their gallery of work, contact them for custom work, or sound off on the site’s message board, which has lots of great pics of other cool cars.

The rockabilly and car cultures keep alive some of the pulpiest and most interesting facets of the initial pop countercultural movements of the ’50’s and ’60’s while thankfully thumbing their nose at some of the lamer (sublimation of femininity, racism, etc). As a cultural phenomenon, the resurgence of interest by this generation in the styles, music, and cultural symbols of that era I think represent an intersection between an acknowledgment of how the optimism and booming capitalism of that time failed our country, but also how it had grains of greatness in it. So chew on that, tease your hair, roll your cigarettes up in your shirtsleeve, and rock them billies, hepcats and kittens!

Baby, you can drive my car — Cinder-cat at the wheel!

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11 Responses to “Milo Kustoms — Art, Photography, Gear, and More! with bonus musings on significance of the resurgence of a rat rod and rockabilly culture”

  1. milo Says:

    thank you for the kind words!!

  2. E. Says:

    Thank YOU for letting me nick those nifty pics! You guys are handsome devils.

  3. milo Says:

    so i posted a new thread on the message board about the post..hopefully some of my counter culture minions will venture over!! be on the look out for greasy men!

  4. Rev_MattGrimm Says:

    I’m honored to have Mike and Cindy as members of my car club and to be a part of their amazing site. It’s my home away from the real world!

    The Rev

    • E. Says:

      Super-pleased to hear from you; I’ve seen you on Mike’s myspace! And remember, man — reality is what we choose it to be. Screw the real world!

  5. milo Says:

    and REV chimes in!!

  6. Cinder Says:

    Pleased as punch about the post. You did an amazing job. 🙂

  7. Cirelli Says:

    Very nice post about a very nice couple & their very nice website! I believe you will make a very nice writer too!
    I enjoyed it,

  8. ReverendGrimm Says:

    This is a great article on Milo and what he does. Unfortunately,I think the site is down,and I can’t remember Milo’s blog page. I am grateful that he’s a member of my club though.

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