Care for me, I am not as prickly as I seem.

Need to paste this to my face for the holidays.

To: my wonderful family of loving, noisy, boisterous, pushy, adoring extroverts.

From: the one in the kitchen making fifty cheese trays so as to avoid the heart-to-heart chats you desperately want to corner me for.

I am not a humbug, I’m actually very into the holidays and enjoy seeing everyone open gifts, but I feel awkward receiving them and your attention and that will never change. I am not trying to ruin Christmas by not enjoying being photographed, but I do love taking pictures, so slap my kid on your lap and give me a grin. I am very in to hearing about what you’ve been up to, but yes, I am still getting a divorce, and no I emphatically sure as fuck do not wish to talk about it; that is to do with my feelings and not to do with you and your overtures of discussion. I am sure you are a great listener, I am just not much of a great talker. I have huge piles of love and optimism in my heart but I also have to hide from big displays of emotion. Let’s all focus on understanding each other instead of projecting expectations. I will try not to resent your demands of pictures and prying questions and recognize them for the signs of love that they are, and you let me have a little airpsace.

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