Daily Batman: Friendohs!

Cesar Romero as the Joker and Lee Meriwether as Catwoman/Miss Kitka (remember, Jul-Newms was washing her hair, so a former Miss America stepped in as kitteh-lady) in the 1966 film version of Batman.

Dearest and weirdest old friendohs with common interests — they are a Thing!

Ghost post; I’m pubbing it up with the Cappy right now. Woohoo!

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4 Responses to “Daily Batman: Friendohs!”

  1. Rincewind Says:

    ohhh they look so cute together… btw a link for you for a catgirl http://www.sexykarategirls.com.ar/ShowImage.asp?source=galerias/170/Sexy%20Karate%20Girls%20170_05.jpg
    dont know who she is though…

  2. E. Says:

    Thanks! That’s Yvonne Craig as Batgirl — super cool!

  3. Rincewind Says:

    ahhh, hmm, thought I knew who played the batgirl but must have missed her, how on almighty bat did I do that…

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