Teevee Time: I Dream of Jeannie, “The Second Greatest Con Artist in the World”

I am determined to shake off the weird sense of anxiety and sadness I have this week. With that in mind, there is nothing like a little adorable Barbara Eden and her wonderful faces to cheer me up!

I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3, Episode 3. “The Second Greatest Con Artist in the World.” Original air date: September 26, 1967.

Get it, girl! Razzle dazzle ’em.

Jeannie and Tony go on vacation to Hawaii. Jeannie wears a fancy scarab pin that King Tut gave to her back in The Day, and gains the attention of a con man named Charles (guest star Milton Berle).

Reporter: Boy that’s an interesting pin; it must be a copy of the King Tut Scarab.
Jeannie: (haughtily) “A copy?!” This is the original!

Tony: Jeannie, why did you have to wear that pin?
Jeannie: I wanted to look nice for you!
Tony: Well. … Did that thing really cost a half a million dollars?
Jeannie: I do not know. (shrug) King Tut did not say.
Tony: Wh — did King Tut really give this to you?
Jeannie: Oh, yes, he was quite fond of me. He was a very nice man, you know. Well. A bit of an egomaniac.

Charles tries to convince her to trade the priceless scarab pin for diamonds he claims have been found covering the beach at Lēʻahi (Diamond Head).

Excited at the prospect of making Tony rich, and, being honest-to-a-fault herself, Jeannie falls for Charles’ line of bull. Shenanigans ensue.

I’m a huge Milton Berle guy and I gotta say this is one of the most irreplaceably insane pictures of him that I have ever seen.

Hoping to get his mitts on the valuable King Tut scarab pin in Jeannie’s possession, Charlie “trades” the bauble for Diamond Head Beach, with the help of a partner in crime named Vanderhaven (Fred Clark). Unfortunately for the crooks, Jeannie gets even by conjuring up a deucedly clever “sting” operation. (via allmovie.com)

Dig that fun synopsis: “deucedly” clever, even. Can you watch the swearing, please, allmovie.com? You’re likely to peel the paint right off my walls with that kind of blue language. Tea and crumpets, the saucy blackguards!

Tony: This is certainly a beautiful yacht.
Charlie: Why, thank you. You know, I keep a launch out at Nassau.
Jeannie: (excitedly in an aside to Tony) Oh! Would you like a beautiful ya–
Tony: No, no, no, Jeannie. No! Shhh.

Final fun fact: This episode was co-written by Claudio Guzman and “Allan Devon,” which was a pen name for producer Sidney Sheldon.

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