Taking a break

I think I have just been pulled back from a path that lead straight down a cliff. Or like in a war movie, when a guy is stunned by the shells dropping, and someone tackles him out of the way, and the mortar round explodes behind them. Like that. I cannot believe the roads I let myself walk down, in my mind and in my heart. I literally cannot believe it. It’s more than feeling like a fool. It’s feeling like I was possessed and have had an exorcism, like I am somehow younger again and have dodged some giant shadow.

I need to take a break to spend time with my kidlet (it is her birthday today; first I’m taking cupcakes in to her class and then we’re going out to lunch just the two of us, which I always love) and regenerate the real me, out from under the cloud of delusions I allowed to obscure my view of the sky. I have just been saved, and kidlet too, from a total rabbithole, one that was already poisoning my mind. Unbelievable. Need to catch my breath and contemplate. Catch you guys on the flip and whatever you do, do NOT TAKE wooden nickels.

3 Responses to “Taking a break”

  1. intrsoul Says:

    Hope everything is okay. I’ve really enjoyed discovering your blog – your wit, your insight, your terrific taste in films and photography. Looking forward to more.


  2. Steven Harris Says:

    Rabbitholes are tricky things. Happy time out.

  3. excusemebusey Says:

    No nickles, eh?

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