Mean Girls Monday: Talk nerdy to me, another Star Trek edition, by way of introducing Kevmo’s awesome new “Project: NerdTrek” blog

My grandmother is having a Bad Day so while she’s taking a nap I’m going to throw some stuff up really quick and then when she’s awake again, I’m afraid I will be definitely tied up.

A dear old friendoh who is a funny, clever, and all-around smashing good family man has started an intriguing and fun new blog called Project: NerdTrek over on the blogger. Kevin’s plan is to watch all the various Star Trek franchise viewing material in stardate order, hopefully squeezing in an episode a day. I look forward to keeping up with him and encourage my fellow nerds to follow, too! (I have also linked to him in the new and improved categorized blogroll on the right of the page.)

Oh, but he would, Mr. Spock.

Check Kevmo’s stuff out, and, in the meantime, please send vibes that my grandmother’s mind will — since I think it cannot at this point fully rethread itself — at least be set at ease by some well-earned rest.

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4 Responses to “Mean Girls Monday: Talk nerdy to me, another Star Trek edition, by way of introducing Kevmo’s awesome new “Project: NerdTrek” blog”

  1. Kevmo Says:

    Aww shucks you made me blush.


    See i’m blushing…

    I even got two tags on your post! /coy /blush


    • E. Says:

      Idea for a parody sketch — instead of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which I am given to understand is about that dead O.J.-lawyer’s daughter with the juicy ass and her extended weirdo family, I propose Keeping Up With the Cardassians, a reality show about life on a Cardassian ship. “Mmmm. There’s always a pretty long line for the showers in the morning. Takes forever to floss your facial ridges.” (jump) “This here is the bridge. It’s where the, um, action happens? haha. I guess?” “It’s where we, um, well, you know. It’s where we contact other ships? And then we make all the threats.” “Yeah, the threats.” “We are scarier than the Borg.” “Well, duh.” “I mean, some people don’t think so —” “They’re dumb, like, you know?” “Yeah, but, you know. Whatever.” “Right. Whatever.” One-camera setup. Cardassians with bad extensions and spray tans. Awkward pauses galore. I smell nerd goldmine!

      (gotta admit this is based on a misheard anecdote about the Kardashian show. Misheard by me. I am That Guy.)

  2. Kevmo Says:

    Gul Lemec: Those old things I took them out to the storage unit, Dont you like this one?
    Gul Madred: WHERE ARE *MY* LIGHTS!!
    Gul Lemec: This one is better, Its from Ikea, called a NOT it was only (cut off)
    Gul Madred: THERE ARE FIVE LIGHTS!!!!!
    Gul Lemec: RUDE! ….$12.99, and they are TOTALY energy efferent and everything!
    ((Gul Madred Storms out of room))

  3. Kevmo Says:

    Wait? That guy? Did you go get yourself a penis?

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