Screw you, Thursday

Thursday actually is my least favorite day of the week, and has been since I was a kid.

I also don’t like the month of November and I hate the numbers eleven and five — especially five. It’s so stupid and five-y. Five, your shit is tired. It’s so smug. Five is a smug number.

The origins of these strong negative associations are lost to me, maybe some kind of childhood thing that is now shrouded in mystery. In any case: Thursday. I hate how it even looks. Screw you, Thursday.

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6 Responses to “Screw you, Thursday”

  1. Marissa Says:

    Really? I hate Tuesday. Tuesday Mocks me.

    • E. Says:

      Now that I think about it, Tuesday is pretty low on my list as well. Wednesday and Friday are good. Saturday is always tinged by the sense I should be doing something more ideally fun and Saturday-ish (the way you always feel on New Years’ like you’ve put off plans too long and not met the mark of fun-ness), and Sunday is all taken up worrying about Monday, which of course no one sane likes Monday very well.

  2. Marissa Says:

    I pretty much really enjoy Friday around say….4:30 ish…Saturday is Awesome, Sunday…It all goes down hill from me when I start thinking about Monday as well.

    I have completely given up on New Years Eve.

  3. phocks Says:

    […] Rolling Stone (1968) […]

  4. mickey Says:

    Y’see, this is the shit that E. hits your day with. Great shit. 5 stars. Make that 6 (sorry.) May Count Tyrone Rugen give you some skin, as only he can. E., we need your words. I was bananas when you started posting, again. Won’t you come back? (Don’t play that song in your head, I’m sorry.) Anyway, hope all is well.

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