Daily Batman: Ghost World Half-day — One in every crowd

Thora Birch rocks a Catwoman mask as Enid in Ghost World (Terry Zwigoff, 2001).

“Give me all your money, bitch!”
“Where did you get that?”
“You won’t believe it. Guess!”
“Anthony’s II!”
“No way. When?”
“Just now! I went with Seymour.”
“Ugh! You cunt.”

All the screencaps for Ghost World Half-Day will come from a combination of sources: heartstopper, augustusgloop, and vodiak on the LJ; Movie Screenshots on the blogger; various imdb caps and old, unsourced still shots. Also I might scan some pictures from the graphic novel since I am right now looking at the spine of it in a pile of books on my desk.

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One Response to “Daily Batman: Ghost World Half-day — One in every crowd”

  1. intRvenous Says:

    A nice cat from Fernando Vicente….

    from his blog:

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