Ghost World Half-Day: Josh? He’s just this guy.

Seymour: So, was that your boyfriend?
Enid: Josh? No, no — he’s nobody’s boyfriend, he’s just this guy that Becky and I like to torture.

Enid: Josh.
Rebecca: Josh.
Enid, Rebecca: Josh!
Enid: God, I’ll bet he’s in there jerking off.
Rebecca: I’ll bet he never jerks off.
Enid: Yeah, he’s beyond human, and stuff like that.
Rebecca: Should we leave him a note?
Enid: Sure. You got a pen?
[Rebecca pulls out a pen, Enid takes it]
Enid: [writing] Dear Josh, we came by to fuck you, but you were not home. Therefore you are gay. Signed, Tiffany and Amber.

Enid: I think one of us should fuck Josh.
Rebecca: Go ahead.
Enid: No, really.
Rebecca: God, you’re really obsessed.
Enid: No, I’m not. I just think it’d be funny. To see what he’d do.

Rebecca: I thought we decided that Josh was way too cool to be interested in sex, and that he’s the only decent person left in the world? and we would never want to bring him down to our level and all that.
Enid: Yeah, but maybe one of us should at least try.
Rebecca: No matter what happened it would be a big disaster. Let’s just try and keep everything the way it is.

Enid: Actually, I’ve got a total crush on this one guy right now, but it’s a really fucked-up situation…
Seymour: Oh yeah?
Enid: Oh wait, you met him… remember that guy Josh? I’m like practically obsessed with him, but I can’t do anything about it because Becky would freak out.
Seymour: Why?
Enid: Never mind … it’s way too complicated.

Of course, she is being angsty and late-teeny and melodramatic. Even when it’s terrifying and big and exciting, it is still not at all complicated. If you like someone — tell them. No friends imposing screwy rules on you and wanting things to stay the same forever ought slow you down. We make things so intricate and barricaded away and crippling in our lives, we construct entire fantasy worlds of why it is best not to talk or act on our feelings, mainly because of being afraid of those feelings and of being hurt or rejected. (Oh, just replace all those “we’s” with “I.” I’m embarassed by this self-audit so I brought everyone else in to the picture so’s as not to feel so dorky and alone. Super-sorry.)

RIP, Brad Renfro.

Here’s a little wisdom-bomb I used to drop on my buddies if we were out on the town and they were psyching themselves out of talking to a young woman who’d caught their interest. PSA: The best way to make sure that you will positively strike out with a person and never, never, ever have sexytimes and maybe spend your life with them is to NOT ASK. So roll the dice. I know it’s easier said then done, but we have to try or die alone.

All the screencaps for Ghost World Half-Day will come from a combination of sources: heartstopper, augustusgloop, and vodiak on the LJ; Movie Screenshots on the blogger; various imdb caps and old, unsourced still shots. Also I might scan some pictures from the graphic novel since I am right now looking at the spine of it in a pile of books on my desk.

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