Daily Batman: Talk nerdy to me, “What is the opposite of haute couture?” edition

l to r, top: Batman and Robin; Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl; Logo and utility belt; “Femme Fatale” 70’s Catwoman tee; Batman. l to r, bottom: Logo on black, Robin (the back says “Boy Wonder”); Logo on heather grey.

Really busy day today, but I was doing the laundry and set out some of my Bat Couture. There was more in the dryer, so I’m at over a week’s worth of wear. (Still not enough.) Also, earlier in the day I took kidlet to pick up a bathing suit for the summer and snagged myself some sweet and cheap new Star Wars shirts from the little boys’ department at Target. What is the opposite of haute couture? Because I’m pretty sure whatever it’s called, I am its poster girl.

Yoda rocking Wayfarers.

It was cool because I don’t think I’ve picked up any new stuff for myself like that since my Star Wars sweatshirt haul from a November trip to the mall with Miss D. She knows how to get me to spend money on much-neeed clothes and is happy to share her strategy: I have many times heard her tell our friendohs, “With E—, you just take her somewhere with beer first. Relax her.” Works for me.

“That R2-D2 is in prime condition: a real bargain.” Wow, I quoted C3PO — I think I need to go rinse my mouth with whiskey now to get my cool back.

It’s just very hard for me to buy clothing for myself, even basic stuff. I start feeling wormy and uneasy about it and hang stuff back up before I even get to the register. (You can forget the fitting room, those things are for chumps. I want in and out of the store with maximum efficacy. Only ballast, no drag.)

Doing laundry and cutting tags off of new garments, I feel practically like a self-respecting adult!

Well, except that I bought all children’s clothes …

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4 Responses to “Daily Batman: Talk nerdy to me, “What is the opposite of haute couture?” edition”

  1. Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY Trailer | Killers Movie Trailer Says:

    […] Daily Batman: Talk nerdy to me, “What is the opposite of haute … […]

    • E. Says:

      I don’t normally approve pingbacks, but that link is legit and I would like to try that game, so there it is.

  2. arangodan Says:

    It is very hard for me to shop for clothing too. I have an internal timer that starts as soon as I cross the threshold of a clothing store or department. It counts down from anxious, through clammy, and well into near panic.

    I’m an engineer by trade and nature. I don’t have a way to apply that nature to shopping for clothing. What do I say when the salesperson asks what I’m looking for. Pants. It’s the next question that stumps me. What kind of pants? Let me outta here!

    Am I so uncomfortable with myself that I can’t handle articulating my identity in garmentry? Is it a fear of labeling by others? I’m quite complex. I wouldn’t want someone to pin me down because I’m wearing dockers.

    • E. Says:

      You are speaking Gospel to me right now — and I have such dear beloved friendohs who try to help me shop, and I am thankful for that because truly without their intervention I would psych myself into a very sad and possbily clothesless state. It is just so, as you said: how the heck do I convey to a nice salesperson trying to help me the vastness of my inability to answer, “What are you looking for?”

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