Girls of Summer: Jean Jani, Miss July 1957

Photographed by one-of-a-kind supafly sweetie pie Mr. Peter Gowland!

The lovely and talented Miss July 1957 was Jean Jani, from Dayton, Ohio.

Although Playboy implies in her write-up (emphasis on the lies half of that word) that Ms. Jani was a stewardess, she was actually a reservations clerk for United Airlines. Will explain shortly.

We were winging our way to a busy week of conferences with authors and agents, and our mind was filled with thoughts of the loftiest literary calibre. So lofty were they that we scarcely heard the dulcet voice of the stewardess requesting us to fasten our seat belt. She repeated the request, and we looked up into the brown eyes of petite (5’3″) Jean Jani of Dayton, Ohio.

(“Cloud Nine.” Playboy, July 1957.)

Barf to blarney and banana splits. Yay to little lookers.

Texture and busy-ness combine in contrast with Ms. Jani’s crisp features throughout the compositions in this spread. Top-notch, complex, and beautiful eye-catching work.

She told us she is saving money to buy a T-bird, her favorite drink is a Vodka Gimlet and she is the proud possessor of a pile of Frank Sinatra, Harry Belafonte and Jackie Gleason platters


Excellent musical tastes if that part is true. As for the Vodka Gimlet part, I have never had a gimlet of any stripe, but I think one of my friends, I am almost positive Mr. Kite, was recently deciding that Gimlet was the new retro drink of choice. I have strong faith in his trendspotting abilities, so I wager this will come to pass.

You know, like the way Singapore Slings sort of swept last year, at least in my tiny knowledge of central California circles — understand these are things I merely overhear up at the bar while ordering myself a beer.

My friends are really creative with mixed drinks, especially Christo and Gorgeous George, and Paolo and Miss D, either of which pair can find themself spontaneously hosting a party and expertly assess what they have on hand to come up with cramazing cocktails suited to the meal, occasion, and weather, but I am afraid I’m all thumbs at reckoning anything like that — I am also not so great at drinking hard alcohol, period.

For me, beer does the trick and almost never throws me any ugly curveballs. It is usually reasonably priced and you never have to worry about the bartender not knowing how to make it or mixing it too strong.

Beer puts me on familiar footing in what is usually an admittedly uncomfortable situation for me: public socializing. If I have safe, friendly, non-judgmental beer as my co-pilot, I know at least one part of the night will go well.

Like me, beer is a “what you see is what you get” kind of a thing. I feel a kinship and loyalty to beer unmatched by my feelings about any other type of alcohol. When I find something I like, I stick with it.

I like the case of her disappearing, reappearing mole. Like, “Disappearing, reappearing nuclear physicist husband” — Clue. The weird thing about that recurring line is that the nuclear physicist husband was the one Mrs. White beheaded and then cut off his dick; the one who disappeared was actually her first husband.

Without googling the script, I can tell you the conversation between Mrs. White and Wadsworth goes exactly like this (believe me, I watch this movie in my head all the time and I audio recorded it when I was a kid and listened to it on tape while walking around town — don’t you judge me):

“But he was your second husband. Your first husband also disappeared under, shall we say, ‘mysterious’ circumstances.”

“That was his job. He was an illusionist.”

“But he never re-appeared.”

(Spreads her hands and smiles) “He wasn’t a very good illusionist.”

Favorite shot of the spread. Peter and Alice are such wonderful and fun photographers. Man, they’re cool.

I’ve always wondered why those lines about “disappearing, reappearing nuclear physicist husband” were kept in despite being inaccurate. I think Clue might’ve gone through some rewrites and shit got forgotten. Anyway.

Back to marvelous Ms. Jani and the case of her on-again, off-again beauty mark!

“I’m sorry, Sire. It’s just … your mole. Wasn’t it on the other side?”
“I have a mole?!”

(Robin Hood: Men In Tights.)

Full of movie references today, jes.

If being a brunette knockout wasn’t enough for her, every so often Jani would put on a blonde wig [above] and do photo shoots under the name “Joan Brennan.” She retired from modeling in the mid-1960’s in favor of a more domesticated existence.

(Java’s Bachelor Pad: Jean Jani. Swinging Bachelor Productions, 2008.)

Java’s also reports that Ms. Jani

was portrayed as a sexy stewardess for United Airlines in the pages of Playboy, but in actuality she was a reservations clerk. Regardless, her appearance in Playboy cost her her job.


After more photoshoots with the Gowlands and with Ron Vogel, whose name you may remember seeing in the credits for many of the playmates highlighted on this journal, Ms. Jani embarked on a successful full-time career as a pin-up model which spanned the decade of mid-50’s to 60’s.

Jani appeared in several issues of Adam and Modern Man as well as other titles in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

She was also responsible for the jaw-dropping cover of Adam Bedside Reader #2 where she is wearing nothing but a red ribbon. This was a gal who was not afraid to show off her assets.


According to The Playmate Book, Jani forgot about her Playboy experience until her grown daughter gave her a copy in recent years. She has since embraced her pin-up past and become involved in the convention circuit.


Once more, enormous, immeasurably phat big-ups to Java’s Bachelor Pad for the credited shots and info above and for the hot tip about Jeanohs’ wigohs — her blonde alter ego, Ms. Joan Brennan. Your site is awesomesauce! Muah. Thanks a mil. ♥

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13 Responses to “Girls of Summer: Jean Jani, Miss July 1957”

  1. Rincewind Says:

    wow, she is so utterly stunning…. brilliant post.

    • E. Says:

      What’s amazing is that for having such black Irish features, she makes a convincing blonde. Very cool gal, glad you reblogged her!

  2. Rincewind Says:

    hope yr ok that I re-blog this one… more people should see this girl..

  3. Girls of Summer: Jean Jani, Miss July 1957 (via The Thought Experiment) « Erotixx photoblog Says:

    […] Photographed by one-of-a-kind supafly sweetie pie Mr. Peter Gowland! The lovely and talented Miss July 1957 was Jean Jani, from Dayton, Ohio. Although Playboy implies in her write-up (emphasis on the lies half of that word) that Ms. Jani was a stewardess, she was actually a reservations clerk for United Airlines. Will explain shortly. We were winging our way to a busy week of conferences with authors and agents, and our mind was filled with thoug … Read More […]

  4. fernando Says:

    las pajas que me voy a hacer con esta yegua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. mardent Says:

    This is hilarious! You made me smile!

  6. Jed Leyland Says:

    Playmates like her always struck me as the mother-next -door rather than the “girl”-next-door.

  7. Alex Says:

    Love her..especially in Adam. Very bold for the time.

  8. Eric Says:

    Jani is one of the most beautiful playmates I’ve ever seen (Sandra Edwards-another ’57 playmate, Ellen Stratton, and Traci Adell is the other ones). Her breasts is one of a handful of playmates that to me, should be labeled as “beautiful” (Avis Kimble, Janet Lupo, Candy Loving, and the just-mentioned Adell is among them). She wearing that fushia swimsuit is one of the sexiest one piece suits I’ve ever seen (it had to be from Jantzen and remarkable how there’s bullet cups on them). Wish I was there so that Jean could strip it off and enter the pool (like what happened to Nicolette Scorsese’s character in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”). Too bad it didn’t show good shots of her front and the back of the swimsuit. If I had sex with her, it would be between the breasts. I saw a photo of Jani in recent years at Glamourcon and she has changed. Would like to see if she has autographed photos on eBay. Jani is an example of why I want Caucasian brunette girls more than blondes: black hair is beautiful.

  9. Eric Says:

    I was just on that Unique Vintage website and I left a note asking them to make the same kind of swimsuit Jani wears in the photo-I can’t get it out of my head!

  10. Captjack Says:

    Very interesting except she was shown as a Western Stewardess, not United. The guy standing with her, under the WAL DC6B wing, taught me to fly! I was a young WAL radio operator at the time

    She well may have been a UAL Res clerk, never heard.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    hi i have the original copy the 1957 july edition. on my jess

  12. Eric Says:

    Doesn’t Jean Jani remind you of Jane Russell with the black hair (they both had the same boob size at 38D)? Over a year ago, I did some research on the swimsuit Jani wore and found out that it was designed by actress Ester Williams (“Million Dollar Mermaid”) through her swimwear company (if anyone can find a duplicate of that online, feel free). I don’t know what was the most distinctive feature of that swimsuit:

    A. The bullet cups
    B. The tie-on straps at the neck instead of the traditional straps on the shoulder
    C. The scoop back (never has gone out of style) that coupled with the straps on the neck, gave the illusion of a bikini top

    Well that’s All I have to say.

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