Batter uuup!: Joan Jett edition

via sapphoscloset, very cool queer style blog, check ’em out!

Vintage Joan Jett lookin’ all kinds of pimp and ready to hit that shit right out of the park.

Please remember that Joan still looks THIS GOOD:

That right there? Is what a motherfucking rock star looks like. Hell yes! I said goddamn, Joan Jett. Haters to the left.

So few words in this entry, so many king-size cusses.

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3 Responses to “Batter uuup!: Joan Jett edition”

  1. Z. McCarthy Says:

    Love these photos, I just got some good photos of Jett when she was rockin in my town a few months ago, please check them out!

    • E. Says:

      Oh, my gosh, those pictures are WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for the link — it looks like it was an amazing show!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I grew up listening to Joan and I liked her music. I was a fan, but no where near the fan I am now. What ever haunted her in the past seems to have been lifted. She is truly GENUINE!

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