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Liberated Negative Space o’ the Day: “Your Friend, Holly Golightly”

August 1, 2010

And I said, “What about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?”

I don’t know how the weather is faring in your town but in my neck of the woods, I’m hot. Once I’ve finished cooking up preliminary materials for an orientation I’m putting on for the Scamps this week, I’m sliding down to C-town to swim with Paolo, Miss D, Gorgeous George and Corinnette — and to wish Corinnette all the best as she goes away for college. Catch you on the flip!

Daily Batman: Of babes and Batusis

August 1, 2010

Signed publicity still of Adam West and Jill St. John on set for “Hi Diddle Riddle,” Season One, first episode.

Jill St. John played Molly, the Riddler’s assistant in this and the companion episode, “Smack In The Middle.” She drugged Batman’s orange juice and he boogied for her. Video of the Batusi was showcased in a previous entry.

E.E. Cummings Month: “in spite of everything”

August 1, 2010

in spite of everything
which breathes and moves,since Doom
(with white longest hands
neatening each crease)
will smooth entirely our minds

-before leaving my room
i turn,and(stooping
through the morning)kiss
this pillow,dear
where our heads lived and were.

(E.E. Cummings, “in spite of everything.” 1931.)

It always ends in an empty room, but what ecstasy filled it before. Photograph by Anne Kristoff on the etsy.

What is beautiful to me in this poem is that it has more than a simple “stop and smell the roses” theme: Cummings admits that the world in its entirety as we perceive it will come to an end, yes, but that not only must we take joy in small moments, we must actually treasure these moments even as they have passed within our own lives. We must treasure one another and our time and connections, no matter how brief.

via alessandralee.

It’s a striking and emotional, encouraging message. But it’s also such a challenge because we can be so easily swept up in the dirty details and downtrodden state of life that we forget to kiss a pillow or take a moment purely for sentiment. Taking joy and deliberately remembering and treasuring a happy time: Is this a thing I am doing to the fullest, or am I always fretting about Apocalypse Yesterday and frittering away precious opportunities for connection and growth? I know my doom-and-gloom, fast-food-is-poison self to be guilty of the latter. This is a thing on which I resolve to work at improvement: accept that Doom I’m always gloomily prophesying is an eventuality and work within my life to make joy and find peace anyway.

Sharon Tate’s Actual Life Awareness Month, Day 1

August 1, 2010

I’ve become very unhappy as time goes by that it seems Sharon Tate’s life has been eclipsed by her tragic death. I’d like to focus all this month instead on all the great and positive things she did in her brief and deserved rise. No C.M. and awful company, no post-murder husband accused of pedo-rape and fleeing the country, no oft-published pictures of crime scenes. I want all Sharon and only Sharon, vital and in the moment, and where the husband comes in, he comes in only as it relates to her and nothing more — for once he will be tangential to her. No more shenanigans of other people always surrounding her and overshadowing her warmth and charm and personal intricacies.

Sharon Tate was an interesting and complicated woman with an unusual background, an earthy life outlook, surprisingly flinty grit, and a great sense of humor. This month is about her actual life.