Dinner at Eight! —


— Except actually at four or so. Getting things pulled together to pick up kidlet and then together the two of us have scheduled a much-needed munch, movies, and catch-up session with my Sarah-fina and favorite Baby Ginger. Especially look forward to discussing impressions of the school at which I wish to teach, which she has just left.

Mainline it?

My job is assembling materials for bruschetta and dessert while S-f prepares the main course. Thinking chocolate-hazelnut ravioli a la Giada but not so hyper-prepared and a bit healthier (not deep fried.) We can never go wrong with Nutella as our co-pilot, yes? Salute! Have an awesome Friday night and I will catch you on the flip!

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4 Responses to “Dinner at Eight! —”

  1. intRvenous Says:

    Ok, that does it. We were soul mates in a past life.

    Nutella is mankind’s greatest achievement. Great Wall of China, The Great Pyramids, iPod, pfffft.

  2. IzaakMak Says:

    On the heels of all the hilarious “I sure picked a bad to to quit…” thoughts, the image of main-lining nutella completely pushed me over the edge! 😆

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