Teevee Time: Skins

via lolitas.

Hannah Murray as Cassie, Skins.

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3 Responses to “Teevee Time: Skins”

  1. pandaeraser Says:

    1. how do you get the screen caps with subtitles?
    2. i don’t use my blogspot anymore, but i use my tumblr. if ya wanna, and i know you do, you could change my linkitty-link-link.
    3. let’s do that thing where we try not to wait months to see each other.

    • E. Says:

      3. Agreed!

      2. and 1.: I search for a film I like with “Subtitles” in the google image or bing search. I also search sites like weheartit and the tumblr with the tag “subtitle” and see what shakes loose. Or I pop the movie in my dvd drive, turn on the english subtitle feature (when they have it) in the audio features, and cap that bitch myself using HyperSnap. Other tags that work are “screencaps,” “subtitles,” and “captions.”

  2. pandaeraser Says:

    oops, now that would be the tumblr.

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