Daily Batman: Never too old

I had to report for Jury Duty last week. I wore a Catwoman shirt. Didn’t really think about it ’til I was already at the courthouse, but then I concluded that anything which made me look less mature, trustworthy, and respectable could only work to my advantage, as I distinctly did not want to be seated on a jury.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

(C.S. Lewis.)

I consider this self-evident on a daily basis but it’s still nice to read from such a beloved source. That C.S. Lewis has not had his own month around here yet is an absurdity and a crime. January, maybe. December is already lined up.

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One Response to “Daily Batman: Never too old”

  1. John Salisbury Says:

    I was among a group of people being screened for jury duty in the case of a young man charged with possession of crack cocaine–I don’t remember the details anymore but apparently he thought he could beat the rap by entering a plea of Not Guilty.
    The screening process was drawing to a close when the prosecuting attorney asked if any of us had anything to say regarding our own suitability or unsuitability for being a juror on this case and I raised my hand.
    I stood up and said, “I’ve seen firsthand how crack addiction destroys lives, and if this man is himself an addict I truly feel sorry for him. But if it comes out in the trial that he was on the street selling crack, I will personally kick his ass.”
    After, one of the other juror candidates congratulated me for my inspired little rant, for surely I would not be picked to be on the jury; but it turns out the prosecuting attorney said the defense lawyer could pick the rest, if he could have me as his one pick.
    In the end the defendant was advised to plea-bargain for a lesser charge in exchange for a guilty plea. I like to think that because of me (actually the PA) twelve people got out of jury duty that day.

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