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Dip, dive, socialize. Get ready for the Saturday night.

January 15, 2011


Hitting a luxe banquet with wonderful old friendoh the Axeman tonight (aka Misterr Anndersonnn: say it in the Matrix voice). Free food, open bar — really fun company that he works for. And as for attire, am I Hep-burning it up? You bet your sweet Aunt Fanny I am. It’s the only way to fly.


Have a great night out there and I’ll catch you on the flip!

First B@T’s Movie Moment of 2011. Balloons just fell all over us all.

Look, Ma, no gag reflex!: Mira Sorvino edition

January 15, 2011

Because I think you guys are swell.

Ice cream you scream.

Winter of my discontent: Summer friends

January 15, 2011

By Old York on the d.a.

In the summer there is Maria. She is the other person I am closest to, and sometimes, in the winter, I long to call her up and say, come here and live with me, in this cold place. But we are summer friends.


There is a rule it seems, that summer friends don’t get together in the wintertime. Now, sitting here, waiting for her, I realize that I have never seen Maria in a winter coat, and for some reason that makes me sadder than anything else in the world.

(The amazing Jacqueline Woodson. “Slipping Away.” Am I Blue?: Coming Out From the Silence. Ed. Marion Dane Bauer. New York: HarperCollins Children’s Books, 1994. p. 51.)

To read what happens between Maria and Jacina, hit up Am I Blue? on the Googlebooks.

Liberated Negative Space o’ the Day: Breaking News — this time it’s personal, “Send in the clones” edition

January 15, 2011

(Send in the clones. There ought to be clones.)

Baby, when you talk about eukaryotes, you know you send me straight in to my S phase! Won’t you please take me to my Hayflick Limit? Ow! P.S., You misspelled “dependents,” geek. My football captain boyfriend and I are pointing at you and laughing.

Aw, I’m just kidding. I’d tumble for a biology dork long before an athlete. Don’t tell the squad.

Daily Batman: Batgirl and the Riddler, “Down Time”

January 15, 2011


Enemies are so stimulating.

(Katharine Hepburn.)