Vonnegut month: Inaugural edition featuring pharmaceuticals

You are all like, “It is nice what you do and all, E, but why haven’t you had a Vonnegut month yet?” and I am all like, “I was planning to have this month be exactly that,” and you are all like, “It’s about time,” and you know what? When you start a blog, I will have nothing but kind, nourishing, supportive things to say about it. Because that’s how it should be. Snap.



“I’m not a drug salesman. I’m a writer.”

“What makes you think a writer isn’t a drug salesman?”

(Cat’s Cradle.)

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on. Nous allons a la lune!

edit: When I went to make sure I had my french phrasing and spelling right, I googled “nous allons a la lune” and the only links that returned the exact phrase were all my own shit. So I’m thinking no. It’s a shame, because I say that a lot. Little help?

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One Response to “Vonnegut month: Inaugural edition featuring pharmaceuticals”

  1. Pryor Says:

    I’m always in favor of a Vonnegut month, and I’d never ever say anything like “It’s about time,” except maybe in the Tralfamadorian sense. But that’s not important now.

    As far as I know, with my equivalent of four semesters of French lying 37 years in the past, “nous allons a la lune” means “we go to the moon” or “we are going to the moon,” depending on the context. You can Yahoo Babel Fish it if you like.

    And speaking of Yahoo, I usually yahoo things, rather than google them, because…well, that’s what I’m used to doing. So I found the phrase in a Time magazine piece here: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,769698,00.html . I also found it, strangely enough, in a blog (NSFW!!!) that, like yours often does, featured a Playmate from the past: http://iamsohorny.co.cc/428.html .

    And that is surely more than you wanted to know.

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