Liberated Negative Space o’ the Day: Destruction! edition


So … the doily itself will destroy me? Or the act of tatting? I’m not totally clear: I just felt like posting up something twee with lace and handwork prophesying doom. But I have heard tatting is a gateway drug. It starts innocently enough with crochet, then someone tells you about cross-stitch, and then you want to make lace, and then tatting leads to freehand embroidery and next thing you know you’re swapping your firstborn in back of the bead store for a good tight french knot.

Quelle disastre! O, what your craftiness hath wrought, thou Witch of the Fabricland. Fie upon thee! All kinds of fie.

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3 Responses to “Liberated Negative Space o’ the Day: Destruction! edition”

  1. IzaakMak Says:

    Damned slippery slopes… Getting harder to detect all the time!

  2. Original Funhouse Says:

    Long time/first time. This is my favorite thread on WP. Here’s a humble addition. Liberate Negative Space…the animation?

    • E. Says:

      Oh my god, I adore it. Just watched it twice in a row. It went so many ways I didn’t expect — every time I thought I was getting the idea of where it was heading, it would carom off in a new direction (breaking up in to teeth, or a medicine chest chest opening like kachina dolls but then suddenly for a big guy, or the big guy’s head coming off .. ants … incredible…). I love it! Thank you!!

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