Movie Millisecond: You can’t live alone

Masculin Féminin (Jean-Luc Godard, 1966).

You really can’t live alone.

Thanks for two million unique hits on this journal in its almost two years of operation. Come for the porn, stay for the shenanigans! Comment any ol’ time. You do not know how much I enjoy it.

As this is not a for-profit blog, every person who visits really does matter to me. It began as a way to force myself to write, and to subject myself to the excruciating experience I’d spent my life trying to shun, sharing myself with other people. When I shied away, I thought that I’d change focus and the journal evolved in to a sort of annotated public scrapbook, a way to share the things that matter to me with other people.

Source help wanted.

But you know, I’ve been thinking about it, and it’s really the same thing. Maybe I don’t have the courage to always talk about myself, and I instead sublimate that desire to share, that impulse to connect, into a post about a former Playmate or a digression on the mythic overtones of a poem by E.E. Cummings. But I am still sharing myself, still saying, “This is me, and this is what I am about. I’m telling you something personal.” Because the things that matter to us almost entirely comprise who we are. When you visit, and link, and comment, it ratifies my sense that I’m not alone in this universe.

If you want to introduce yourself, ask questions, or share ideas, do it, and thank you again. Here’s to two million more of us agreeing that some of the detritus we encounter in this thing called life can be pretty all right — even meaningful.

I truly appreciate the company.

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8 Responses to “Movie Millisecond: You can’t live alone”

  1. seeb Says:

    Funny! First of all, I love your blog; the quotes you choose, the playmates, all the other pictures, they are amazing and I’m glad that there is someone out there finding them for me. And I’m in love right now, don’t know were we are going. But this post of yours got me. This time even more then usually.

  2. mark heaton Says:

    I have been following this blog for a few months now, and I love it. I can’t remember how I stumbled onto it. I have not idea what it is about, and the fun thing is trying to figure it out. As a Playboy subscriber for 20 years, I must admit I love your stories about the playmates. Love the old pictures you post. Love the pictures that go with the poetry. I can’t figure out who YOU are either. As you only sign with E. So you are not alone. I wish you did give more info about yourself, but that is alright. Once again, I love this blog. Keep it up. Mark Heaton.

  3. Pryor Says:

    Thanks for the open invitation to comment. I’ve sometimes felt like I crashed somebody’s terrific party.

  4. Gordon Fraser Says:

    Yours is one of the few blogs I check on every morning. When you went away I was worried that it was over. Now you are back and entertaining me again and I’m a happy camper. Your blog is both educational and entertaining….nice combo!

  5. bishop2 Says:

    Congratulations: I have seen (as a lot of people) a lot of blogs, and I can tell you one thing for sure: your blog has an unique character, it’s stimulating for brain and heart, funny, and it is sensible with a happy absence of moralistic discourse. Greetings, come on!

  6. Bulletholes Says:

    I stop by just about every day. I point people your way when I can. I’ve used two of your Heinleins on Facebook, with different images, and its funny….one of my friends linked back to you on one of the quotes.So it is a small world, though i suspect she knows you from something I posted a few months back. I’m just glad she keeps coming to see you…you have a clever and lovley point of view.

  7. A person Says:

    Thank you so much for this blog. Not this post. This entire blog. One or two times you stumble across something and you start reading and you go from curious to entertained to excited. The more you read the better it gets. The more wonderfully, perfectly idiosyncratic this writer is. A secret friend. One who loves Joan Jett. One who reveals what a glorious, tragic figure Cathy Larmouth was.

    I thought the only place where The Monkees, Auden, Achewood, and Batman commingled in harmony with each other and old-school pictures of boobs was in my little brain. But this blog is here, and what’s exciting is that it *isn’t* my brain. It’s different and I don’t know what it’ll say or do next. I just know that I’m very happy that it’s here.

    Thank you. I hope you see this. I know this is an old post, so you may not. But I’m going to leave it here like an easter-egg.

  8. mickey Says:

    She seems to have disappeared… and I don’t know why… Perhaps your kind words might get her to write again. Maybe— maybe— she’s writing somewhere else, and, doesn’t want to sponge off her fame and is hoping that people will find her other blog without the association. Like, if, you were in The Beatles and left to do a new thing and wanted it to succeed without anyone coming to it because “it’s a Beatle-related thing.” …I dunno… Wishful thinking… If any of you find her, let us know.

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