Monocle Monday: Cracker jack idea

Am I smoking banana peels or has it been, like, fucking forever* since we had a Monocle Monday?


This card was found in undetermined vintage Cracker Jack boxes, along with the advertised Sport Monocle, I assume. Not to be confused with a formal monocle — god, can you imagine? Tea and crumpets, what a faux pas That would be.

*I’m sorry for the king-sized cuss, but the situation of “forever” being infinite, rendering me nowhere near correct, called for a modifier to distance myself from the hyperbole, and “fucking” was the best one. Skip the beating and just take my lunch?

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One Response to “Monocle Monday: Cracker jack idea”

  1. jumpcut Says:

    The formal monocle has an attached cord that drapes down to the shoulder. The sport monocle doesn’t have any cords to get in the way of participating in contact sports.

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