Liberated Negative Space o’ the Day: Eventually


I hate the “alright” spelling but I like the message. It gets a check-plus.

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8 Responses to “Liberated Negative Space o’ the Day: Eventually”

  1. Fats Terminal Says:

    Hey, Ms. E.,

    I stole your heading for a title over at my Magic Jukebox ( If that’s not cool, let me know and I’ll take it off!



  2. Fats Terminal Says:

    Well, garsh, thanks a lot. The Thought Experiment is daily stop for me. More than daily.

    Frustrated DJ that I am, I’m hoping to post lots of different stuff maybe folks’ll like. As John Lee Hooker sang, “It’s in him and it’s got to come out. . . .”

  3. Original Funhouse Says:

    “I hate the “alright” spelling but I like the message. It gets a check-plus.”

    They totally should have gone with an “a’aight.”

  4. Laura Says:

    I wish the dictionary gods would hurry up and accept “alright” as a legit spelling. It’s gotten so common now that I hardly notice it. Sigh.

    • E. Says:

      As a teacher and lover of language, I actually agree — language evolves, and whether I tsk over it or not, alright has become the standard spelling of “all right,” even coming to have its different, new and more loose definition that means “okay” rather than the highly specific “100% of everything is RIGHT” suggested by the original spelling. It’s an adaptation that caught on, like “Hallowe’en” becoming “Halloween” or the third person singular of “he,” becoming “he or she” before becoming the now widely-used non-gender-specific “they.” English is a living language, and it changes with the times. That’s mainly “alright.”

      But I will stop taking points off for “alot” when they pry the red pen out of my cold, gnarled, arthritic fingers!

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