A personal digression and all apologies

Droogies, I’ve miss the jet-set ‘net life so dearly. (Agree with me that it’s so archaically cute to say “‘net.”) I’ve been bound up as heck in some very necessarily absorbing coursework, work-work, and work on self and life, but I’m going to make a genuine effort to write again when I can on my favorite things. I miss it: I miss the humor of it and the confessions and the comics and the naked ladies and the funny comments, and I need to crawl out of my hole again. I’ve scheduled some categorical posts that I hope to get out there shortly. Thank you for your patience and inquiries.

Sorry my first post back was a naked dude. Heh. You did not expect that. All apologies.

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3 Responses to “A personal digression and all apologies”

  1. Pryor Says:

    It’s so archaically cute to say “net.” The naked dude was okay, because he’s Batman. Maybe.

    Life happens, but I can see you know that. L’chaim! And all that jazz.

  2. Jed Leyland Says:

    Glad to have you back.

    Thought maybe you had…you were….uh…were with Steve Jobs.

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